Friday, September 30, 2005

One of my early jobs was working at Henri Bendel in New York City when I was going to school at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. This is a very expensive department store. I started as elevator operator. They had an old fashion elevator that you actually operated. I did this for a little while. We got lots of stars in this store but the only one I really remember was Garbo. There was a silence that went through the entire store and the whisper that Garbo was here. I heard it and went right down to see her as she breezed through the store. She wasn't bothered because it wasn't that kind of store that would bother her but she shopped and then left. It was a memory that I will never forget. The other stars were nothing compared to her. After working on the elevator I was moved to the fur department where I worked in the vault where all the furs were stored. The rich people would keep their furs there and call to have a fur for the day and I would have to bring the fur over to them. I used to eat lunch in the vault surrounded by furs. There was one old lady that used to use those things they put their hands in to keep warm. She was always calling to get one and I would have to bring it over to her. I think they got charged ever time they called and got a new fur or returned one. I think I remember Cher buying 50 pairs of shoes and the shores there were about $500.00 a pair. It wasn't a cheap store. No bargains at Henri Bendel's.
Caroline is taking the train from NYC to come and visit me to day. She'll arrive at 12:55PM and I'll pick her up with Denise. Take her to my place so she can see it and then take her to lunch, and then drop her off back at the train so she can take the train back to NYC. She's in rehearsal for Hamlet and will be able to study her lines on the train. I can't wait to see her and take her to a seafood lunch on the water in Pt. Pleasant Beach. Denise will be here helping me with my plants and picking up Caroline. It's a beautiful fall day. Sweater day. Humidity is very low. So that's good for breathing.
It's very odd that we have Italian Mafia, we have Russian Mafia, Mexican Mafia as well as Korean Mafia but we don't have black Mafia. If the blacks get together for a group it's called a gang. Why is that? Is there a black Mafia? Every time Italians get together they call it the Mafia. When I was in Russia because of my last name they just automatically think you're with the Mafia. It's crazy. In Italy the Mafia is all over Naples. You don't even want to talk about it or look up at the Mafia's home. So I was told. When my mother was alive she talked of members of the Mafia coming into the restaurant she worked at on the beach in Long Branch. I think it was called the Surf and Shore or something like that. I think there's a lot of small time Mafia or wannabe Mafia. Michael Franzese was the closest I ever came to the Mafia and he was an xmafia. Mexican friends always ask me about the Mafia. I always say there's no such thing as the Mafia. That's in the imagination of non-Italians. I wouldn't be a good Mafia person, forget about Organizing crime, I can't even organize my sock draw.
I haven't heard from my friend Bill Turner. He's in the hospital in Downey, CA after calling 911 for not being able to breath. I left a message on his cell phone, I hope he returns the call soon. I'll call again today.
I also haven't heard from my friend Steve Smith after he returned home to New Orleans to see the home he lived in. I hope he didn't loose everything. I hope there is something he can save. Steve has a disabled child that also lost all her special chairs and toys.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I talked to Jim Lax in NYC. He's a doctor and he's going to ask around for the best Lung Transplant Hospitals in NYC. I did hear that Columbia Presby. Might be a good hospital for Transplants. I'll go to internet and find out more.
Each morning I hear Geese flying south. This morning there was a bunch of them, about 100 right over my head. Fortunately I was on my patio and there was a roof over my head.
I'm still waiting for the rest of my films coming from Los Angeles. There are suppose to be about 5 more boxes.
Dialysis day. I got my new Medicaid so I should be able to start dialysis in Brick soon. I sure hope so. It will only me 10 minutes to get to dialysis instead of 1 to 1/2 hours. And coming home usually 2 hours or more because Inner City is always slow picking me up.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I just got back from seeing Dr. Brian Kerr, a pulmonary Dr. In Brick. He suggested I look into a Lung Transplant. He said in five years I'll start to be too old and I'm only 55 now so it's time to look into it. He gave me three names of hospitals to call and check on. 1. Robert Wood Johnson in NJ. 732-828-3000, or Temple in PA, 215-707-2000, or University of Penn, PA 215-662-4000. I also think there's one in New York City that I'll call Jim Lax in New York to find out about. He'll be surprised to hear from me. I can also check with Caroline to ask some of her doctor friends to see what hospital might be good for me to have the transplant. If I do start to have one then I have to go into rehab to get ready for it.
Charles from England is now taking care of Michael while Caroline is in New York City in rehearsal for "Hamlet". While Charles is there he's taking tennis lessons, art lessons and piano lessons. I'm sure Caroline loved booking him for these extra curricular activities. Like he doesn't have enough to do with Michael, Nick, Oscar (the dog), the rabbit, the two chickens, the coy and the gold fish. I can just see Charles' skinny little English (never saw sunlight) legs when he's taking tennis lessons. He'll have to go out and buy tennis shorts and the whole outfit.
Caroline is in rehearsal for "Hamlet". She just started and I'm looking forward to seeing the play. She's going to be great in this part. Already she's planning on going to back to Los Angeles for a day next week between rehearsals. Good thing she likes flying. She may come visit me with Enid Rodgers on Friday. Enid is about 90 and as feisty as ever. She's more feisty then I am and I'm only 55. I have to exercise more.
If you know anyone on dialysis you'll know they love to sleep after dialysis. Last night I slept 12 hours after I got home from the hospital. I weigh 120 lb. They took 4 pounds of me. I feel very good. Today I have my first appointment with Dr. Kerr from Ocean Medical Center. I picked up my Xrays for him. It's also the first day I'm taking the Ocean Ride bus to an appointment. I should just drive but I'll try this today.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My good friend Bill Turner is now in the hospital in Downey, California. He couldn't breath and had to call 911. He called me after a few days and now knows what I went through. He was very lucky that he was able to call 911. He understood what I said when I told him that when you can't breath you can't talk and you can't walk. Always be prepared. He's better now and should be home in a few days. He should get the Medic Alert and always make sure you have a list of the medications you take. Bill is about 60+ and also has emphysema.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I think the most difficult thing that people deal with when they are confronted with chronic disease is depression. Depression is very common. The way to fight depression is to force yourself to think of things that you enjoy. Think of places, people and events that you like. I think of my nieces and the fun we have together. I think of my sisters and how they make me laugh. I think of my friend Caroline and the trips we took together. I think of driving down the road from Santa Monica towards Malibu. I also like to park down by the ocean and just relax. Find your own special people, places and events. It works. It also helps you sleep.
I just spent 15 minutes trying to catch a fly that was bothering me. He landed on my face, then my hand, then my hair. It was driving me crazy. I got a magazine and started to wait for him. I waited for him to land but this was one smart fly. I didn't want to hit him on my chair so I waited. Then I had the perfect shot and WACK, I missed him. Then I saw him again. I snuck up on him and WACK, he fell to the floor. Then I jumped on his with my foot and I got him. He was dead. I could go back to relaxing. Sorry about that fly lovers but I had to do that. I'm also out of breath after all that.
I got an email on AOL telling me that I can get Verizon DSL for $19.99 a month so why am I paying $59.00 a month. So I tried calling the billing office to find out. They have a recording that they are getting too many calls and can you call back again at another time and they just cut you off.
Then I tried calling Capitol One credit card because someone emailed me that they are charging me $20.00 for webhosting. This is a company that I never heard of and I haven't heard anything about them charging me. So I tried contacting them and you can't so I tried contacting Capitol One but they put me on one of those phone recording loops that keep you in circles but never give you a person. You have no choice but to hang up. How do you get to talk with an actual person. I'm so frustrated about this.
I'm also sick of hearing about the storm and the people in Houston. What about everything else that's going in the world. And why do so many of our reporters have English accents. Don't we have enough reporters her in America that are looking for work?
(could not spell check)
My DSL still isn't working. They say it's a breakdown in the system so I'm using dial up to access my computer. I keep trying to sneeze but I can't. I keep going to sneeze and then nothing happens. I look like I'm faking it. I got up at 4:30AM. I did a treatment and now I'm feeling very good. I put TV on and it's Geraldo talking about hurricane Rita. You can't get away from it.
My sisters visited me yesterday and of course they rearrange my furniture. So when they leave I usually can't find things in my kitchen. Caroline will be coming soon. She arrives in New York today for rehearsal for Hamlet. Caroline is worst than both of my sisters put together. She will file, throw away things, rearrange stuff and she'll do all this at the same time.
I want to get a computer desk so that I can have a kitchen table. I'm using my kitchen table for my computer so I have to eat on a TV table.
Last night I had great meatball and sausage sandwiches made my Mr. Rega. I ate early. Then my sister Rosemarie brought me over hamburger, French fries and a Chicken sandwich.
I think I have about 8 more boxes of films coming to me soon. Caroline sent them. Then I'll have all my films and I'll be ready to start to log and review the tapes.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My good friend Steve Smith recently moved from Los Angeles to New Orleans with his wife and child. He was just settling in. He got himself a house and a job then hurricane Katrina was coming. He had to leave New Orleans and now he lost everything he owned and now he's back in Los Angeles. They all got out safe but it must be devastating to loose all your papers, furniture and photos. And Steve was a collector of Disney memorabilia and other art. I haven't heard from Steve in a few days so I'm waiting to make sure he's ok.

I have another good friend, Jeff Thomas, that lives in Houston with his wife Cynthia and they were in Mexico during Hurricane Rita so they were safe. Jeff and I went to high school together in Long Branch New Jersey. He was the class president, I was the class geek. He was a sports jock, I hated gym. He was very smart and I, well you can figure that one out. But we were good friends.
Finally Nicholas Lagerfelt got his license. After two years of missing the test because he's been traveling and going to school in Europe he came back to Los Angeles and passed his test. I was beginning to think he was destined to take the bus all his life. I don't know if I'll get in a car with him yet but he's driving. If I was forced to drive with him, maybe I would but I would pray.
Michael Lagerfelt's football team lost 38 to 0 in Santa Monica. Too bad Mike, better luck next time. I know your team will come back and fight harder the next game.
Ty Russo's football team in Freehold won and Matt Rega's team in Pt. Pleasant Beach lost.
Chris Russo's team lost in Freehold.
The only game I ever played was dodge ball and you guessed it they plastered me. That's why I'm so good at ducking.
I hated sports. I hated gym. I hated our gym teacher. I can't even remember his name but he used to make fun of me. The only thing I liked was jumping jacks because they were easy. The gym teacher was always screaming. He expected everyone to be a jock. I wasn't and he didn't like that. I will never forget when I moved down from Jersey City and had to take gym. The first day I took gym several of the guys in gym pushed me up against the lockers. One after another they did this. I guess it was to show they were stronger then me or better than me. I went to Shore Regional High School in West Long Branch and it was a mostly white, upper class kids. I came from Sea Bright which was out of their neighborhood, so we were outcasts. I only made a few friends that lasted. More on Shore .....
I had a hard time writing today because there was some kind of problem with Verizon's DSL in New Jersey and that's where I'm writing from. I pay $59.00 a month for DSL and It's been down for three days now. I had to go on my computer using the good old fashion dial up.
The hurricane Rita has hit and it wasn't as bad as they thought but it was still very distructive. The worst part of the storm to be was that they made the seniors that were sick and many on ozygen leave on a bus. The bus had some problems and the brakes caught on fire and then the fire was ignited more by the O2 and the entire bus was up in flames and 24 people are dead. This really hit home because I carry portable O2 with me and I alway tell people not to smoke around me. I wonder if people will not want to sit next to me on a bus or plane. I know I want to sit next to the exit in case of a fire. People will start to walk around me. I sure hope not.
With all this hurricane stuff we seem to have fogotten about the war that's going on. Soldiers are dying and we don't even pay attention. I wish we would give a little more attention to the war and less for the hurrican, especially now that the hurricane is over. The war is still going on.

Friday, September 23, 2005

In Los Angeles at many of the freeway exits there is always a homeless person asking for money. At the entrance to Supermarkets, on streets and when you stop for a red light there are homeless coming over and asking for money. I can never understand this because they can just go to social services and get a check. On the other hand there are Mexicans selling oranges, flowers or strawberries. I'd rather buy from the Mexicans.
The Cable News love this Hurricane Rita and all hurricanes. The promos are "We're there when Rita hits". They pretend they want the hurricane to miss but the distruction will give them more ratings and that's what it's all about. One of the governors asked for 50 thousand troops. Where will we get that many soldiers? Now they are bringing refreshments to the cars stuck in the traffic jams. If they already need refreshments in the cars imagine what they will need after the storm. Rita will hit on Saturday morning around 2:00AM. For the past couple days they interview so many people and ask them all the same questions. You can almost hear that their mouths are watering with the excitement of the approaching storm. The reports of what could happen are so great; what if the storm went this way and then what if it went that way and it's a KAT 4, a KAT 5, is there a KAT 6?
I feel sorry for the people on dialysis and the ones on Oxygen. I don't know what I would do if I was in a car for 18 hours. I would run out of o2 and I don't know what I would do. And the guys on dialysis have to get dialysis or they get very sick and die. Now they are saying if you are stuck in a car on the highway that is a death trap. Cars are running out of gas and breaking down. The highways are in gridlock as thousands of people try to get away from Rita. The last time a storm hit this area was 1900 and it distroyed Galveston.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I need to sleep today after dialysis. That was some "oil change".
My Scooter: Some people have started calling me "scooter" and some at the VA says here comes the "Cadillac" of scooters. I have to get a couple flags for my scooter. I need an American and an Italian. The best thing is that I don't need gas. I charge it every night. I get attention where ever I go. I love having the scooter at the hospital. It really helps me to get around. I have a limited time to get places that are far away. I cancelled my pulmonary appointment at the VA for tomorrow because I recently saw the Dr. And I'm going to see the doctor down in Brick next week. I'm trying to see If I can see pulmonary in the Brick VA clinic. If I didn't cancel the appointment for tomorrow then I would have had to get transportation to pick me up four times this week and I just couldn't take one more 2 hour trip to East Orange.
My film masters have started to arrive. I'll soon be able to write down a list of all my films. I don't even remember all of them. I did so many in a short period of time. I have an idea but I can't remember titles or dates or production teams. Once I get this stuff I'll be able to start to review it so I can see what I'll be able to use the film.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

When I ran the Rap Record Label, Greenside Records. I got to know the rappers and I always tried to help them. Most came from, as a matter of fact, all came from the inner cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Fernando Valley and Oakland. I got to know them fast; Night Owl, Junebug Slim, El Demonio. From the looks of them you wouldn't want to run into them in a dark alley but actually they would just say hi. I would get calls all the time from rappers wanting to be with the label. One day "Ice Pick" called me. Now would you accept a blind meeting with Ice Pick will I wouldn't, not without security. Speaking of blind! I did get a call from a blind Latino rapper but he never followed through. Thank God. One of the oddest things about the rappers is understanding that the Latino rappers often talked in opposites. For Example; When they call you stupid, it's actually a compliment. I went to Catholic School and the nuns called me Stupid all my life, Now it's cool. When rappers say something is bad well it's actually good. If it's shit, it's great. That's probly the reason why they say "Do you know what I mean?" at the end of every sentence because I don't thing they even know what they mean. But I'm not complaining the rappers are OK. I don't want to blow their gangster image but they are a bunch of nice guys. They get up, they perform - No body knows what they are saying, but they all sing along. They can't spell things they want on the CD cover because none of them can read. They are off the streets. They make good money and they are very generous. I just hope someday the prejudice at the radio stations and on TV will give them a break to have their music heard and I advise rappers if you want to be heard you have to take the bad language out of the radio and TV version. They still don't understand how important that is. That's why I had to stop working with them. If you know what I mean.
I'm a veteran and I go to the VA for all my healthcare needs. I served my time and I'm taking advantage of my bennies. The only pain in the ass is that it's filled with interns and as soon as they find out you're over 50 they want to check your prostate. They have posters all over the hospital because this is "Prostate Awareness Month". They really push this thing. I don't know if the interns get extra credit but it's the first question they ask you.
When you grow up in New Jersey back in the 50s sometimes you never go out of the state. I really didn't leave New Jersey until I joined the Navy and was shipped to Guam. That's the first time I realized that the sky was blue.
Growing up in Jersey City has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. I can't play tennis but I can take hupcaps off in a matter of seconds.
I was up at 4:30AM, sounds early but if you go to sleep at 7:00PM then it's not so early. I got up had some French toast, coffee and now I'm ready to go...but where. I can't call anyone because no one is up. They would kill me if I call. So here I am talking to a computer. I turned on the TV to see that hurricane Rita is approaching Texas or Louisiana, they aren't sure. We'll know by Saturday or Sunday. They now have 500 buses ready to take people away. Knowing what happened before I only hope they have the 500 drivers to operate them. This morning I emailed my sister, Rosemarie, and thanked her for the Pot Roast dinner she brought me over yesterday. I emailed my other sister, Janet, and asked her if she was working today. I emailed my two nephews Christopher and Tyler and told them to have a great day at school. I emailed my godson Mickey and asked him if he was have a good time in Virginia. I emailed Caroline to see when she would be arriving in New York to start rehearsal on the play and I emailed Sonia to thank her for the Apple Turnovers from New York. My big job today is to change the gas over to my name. Oh, yea! I have to go to the post office and I have to check my mail box. I'm getting tired just thinking about it. I better go rest and get ready.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last night I had dream that I ran out of clothing and I had to run out naked with a red towel wrapped around me. I ran across the street and everyone at the stop light looked at me and watched me cross. The towel almost feel off me so I had to pull it up and I tried to cover my head but the towel wasn't long enough. I made it across the street and ran. I don't know where I was going. I just ran. Then I woke up. I don't know what all that means. I'm sure it's revealing something. If you can figure it out let me know.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Katrina: There are 2000 kids missing and CNN's Anderson Cooper is looking for the missing dolphins. I can not understand how these kids are missing after 3 weeks. We are spending 500 million a day and they can't find the parents for these kids, or the kids for the parents. The mayor of New Orleans is an idiot and everyone is afraid to say it. He's incompetent. Whenever I watch TV they are all right where they were the last time I looked. Now a new hurricane is coming and they still don't have services in most of the area.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

While typing I'm watching the Emmy Awards and Blythe Danna just won an Emmy. I know Blythe from Santa Monica. She's a good friend of Caroline's. Blythe is very sweet, funny, very nice and loves her dog. I was stuck watching her dog a couple times at Caroline's. One day I thought I lost him and I was so worried. I looked all over the house, outside, everywhere. I had the house keeper help me look and we couldn't find him. I was trying to figure out what I was going to tell her when she came over to pick up the dog. I finally found him in the bedroom. I feel asleep and she came over took the dog and didn't know anything about my little drama. Of all the people dominated I think she's most deserving.
I had a very nice day today (Sunday) . Every place I went people helped me a little. I spent the day with my friends Sonia and Charles. Charles is in from London and on his way to Santa Monica and Sonia lives in New York City. They are an item. They arrived in Pt. Pleasant Beach by train from New York. My godson helped me pick them up and then he drove us to my house where I showed them my new place and then I took them to Marshals, the department store. After that we went for Lunch down to Reds, a sea food restaurant on the water. As I walk around, everyone looks at me because of the oxygen (I'm still getting used to that) I just say hello. What's nice is that some people open the door for me, help me if they see me carrying too many things. The restaurant was a serve yourself restaurant but a waitress brought my meal to the table instead of making me walking up and getting it. We had the sea food sampler; a whole Lobster each, clams, shrimp, smoked whiting, and oysters.
George Perez: Actor, dancer, father) George is a long time friend and has been working since he was 17 when he danced in Elton John's music video (Latin dancer, or something like that). George flew to Miami and turned out to be the lead dancer in the video. George was and is very good looking and I'm sure Elton loved his Latino good looks. (I'll write more later, I have to do something)
Right before I left Hollywood I produced and directed segments of a new show for kids. I filmed the stars entering the red carpet for the BET awards. I can't remember the exact day of this because it's in my notes and I can't open the computer that my notes are in but I eventually will. I interviewed many black stars. I also went up the interview room to try to get some more interviews. I had to beg to get in. The show I was directing was being executive produced by Buster and Shavani, two music producers and song writers. They produced and wrote for some of the biggest stars and they had beautiful offices and a state our the art studio. The show they wanted to produce was described to me as a Christian music show that was positive. They wanted me to interview the stars and get them to offer positive ways for success. They told me that I would be paid for working and that I would produce the show when it went into production. The interviews was very hectic. It is very crazy working a Red Carpet event because you only have seconds to catch the star, bring them over to your hostes get the interview and then catch the next star. You have to look ahead and catch the stars as they enter the Red Carpet. You can catch the eye of the stars publicity person and give them a little point and a nod and they might come over to you. The bigger the star the harder it is to get them. I did manage to get many of the biggest. After the Red Carpet I made it upstairs to the private interview room. This is where we were supposed to get the stars after they receive their award. Well, that didn't happen. The camera crew, was suppose to stay in one place but if you stayed in one place you wouldn't get to talk with the big stars and if you tried to get out they would scream at you. The big stars wouldn't come into the interview room. They would go to rooms where Entertainment Tonight was and a few of the other big entertainment shows. All these crews waiting and the only stars that came in are the ones that needed publicity. I realized this wasn't a job I wanted to do. I'll find my notes of the stars that were nice and the ones that were not nice.
I'm so sick of Spam: If I wanted I would be able to 'boost my metabolism with Epheda; Go into the holiday spirit with Veggie Tales; Go to Walmart for the Cinderella Platinum DVD; Start saving on Auto Insurance; Find out how to get 10K in Scholarship Giveaways or get an internet special on ink cartridges.' Where will it end. I've been offered everything from Viagra to Birth Control. Someday they will come up with a way that will stop the spam.

Friday, September 16, 2005

California friends: Bill Turner: Bill lives in California. He's about 60 and has all kinds of medical problems. He has eye problems, ear problems, skin problems, breathing problems, smoking problems and you name it Bill probly has it, had it or going to get it. He laughs his problems away. Bill moved from Hawaii back to Downey to be close to his mother. Bill has a German Shepard dog to protect him. I don't know what he thinks the dog will do, the dog is older then him. Bill is about 6 foot 2 inches. He Loves to watch TV and use his remote control. He has tvo, so he can watch a couple programs at once. Bill was an ice skater in his younger years. I guess it was with Sonia Henning. Then he got into producing in shows in Vegas when he could no longer do a spin. He liked producing shows with a big line of chorus dancers, because he wanted to be one of the chorus dancers. When I met him he lived in Ron Howard's old house in the San Fernando Valley. It was a great house with a pool, a steam and beautiful grounds. After he lived there Shelly Duval purchased the house and turned the place into a bird cage. She had lots of birds with lots of bird droppings all over. After he left his house he needed a place so he came to stay with me. We had a great time. With him and his dog at the time. This was another dog that was older then Bill. I think he only liked to have dogs that were older than him. He and his dog where with me on Highland Avenue until I had fights with the landlord. Bill moved to Hawaii and I moved someplace I can't remember right now. Bill loved living in Hawaii where he ran a theatre on one of the islands and he was a big fish. The natives loved him and his Hollywood connections. He was no doubt the Big Cahuna. He was a great guy, Oh sorry; I thought I was writing an obituary. He's still alive and living in Downey. No matter what people say about him, he's still a friend of mine.
It gets so frustrating dealing with the government. I've been trying to transfer my case from Morris County to Ocean County so that I can get dialysis down in Ocean County. The dialysis center down here wouldn't take me until this was done. Morris county offices doesn't understand why because my medicade is good all over the state. Medicade is for medical purposes that's why they call it medi-cade. So today I tried calling the Brick dialysis center I'm trying to go to with the info that Sal, the supervisor, in Morris County told me; that any Medicade approved office should honor my medicade but as usual with social workers, she gets off at 4:00PM and only she can help me. If she wasn't off at 4:00PM she would have been on vacation or at some school learning how to avoid doing anything. That's what they seem to do. I would like to find a social worker that actually did what her title says she does "work" instead of what the first part of her title does "be socialble". You can't complain or they will do nothing for you. I have to try again Monday. I must say that Sal Cantini at Morris County Social Services office is one of the few that actually call you back. I've been calling the others up in that office and no one returns your call. No wonder he's a supervisor. He should be director.
I get so much spam. In one day I could "Boost my metabolish with Epheda" or "get the holiday spirit with Veggie Tales" or I could "go to Walmart for the Cinderella Platinum DVD" and "start saving on auto insurance" while I'm "finding out how to get 10K in Scholarship Giveaways" and "get the Internet Special on Ink Cartridges". And this is just one day. I could keep busy all day just doing this. I deleted all of them. I wish there was a way of charging them $1.00 to get into my mail box.
I don't understand this liquid oxygen that was delivered to me. They only give you one canister and they say the O2 will last 8 to 10 hours. Mine lasts only 4 hours. They now tell me it's because of my lung disease. Because I only have 16% of Lung Capacity; I breath faster than the average person. Aren't these things for people with lung disease? It makes me feel like Cinderfella, I have to make it back home within 4 hours or else I'll have to call 911. I'm sticking to the old fashion 02 unless I can get a few of the old fashion 02 tanks too. I breath too much? What kind of answer is that? I'm just happy I'm breathing.
Charles is arriving in New York today to look after Michael in Santa Monica. He's just staying the weekend and then going out to Santa Monica. Michael is twice the size of Charles, good thing Michael isn't violent. Charles must be so happy to get out of England for the winter. It gets very cold over there and Charles lives on a beautiful farm but the house he lives in is big and they don't heat the entire house. It gets cold. He'll be nice and warm here. Caroline will be starting rehearsal on Hamlet. She'll be able to visit me. Michael has a busy schedule so Charles will get lots of exercise keeping up with him. Charles lives near Stratford on Avon in England. I've been there and Charles took me all around to places where Shakespeare lived.
I still don't understand why we have schools that don't have supplies because the USA didn't have the money but then we are able to come up with fifty Billion dollars and will be coming up with hundreds of Billions more for Katrina. Why don't we help education.
Everybody and their mother is collecting money for the Katrina victims. I wonder how much is being collected and how much will actually be going to the victims. If the money does go the victims then they will be the wealthiest poor people in the country. If the poor get something special that were part of Katrina then they should offer the same to others around the county.
More on Action House. They were given a donation that was a house in Colorado. This is the house that Cliff Scamara put the kids into a van and made them drive out to Colorado to fix the house. The donation was from a guy that offered to leave the house in his will to Action House. So, Cliff sent about 10 kids out there to paint and fix up the house. While he sent them in a van to drive there, Cliff and his partner Craig Dickerson flew there. While the kids stayed in the house sleeping on the floor, Cliff and Craig stayed in a hotel. The kids told me while they ate at the house, Cliff and Craig went to nice restaurants. They started to do things that really annoyed me. I would say something to Cliff but nothing ever happened. They have a Pastor assistant but he does whatever he's told and never questions. He did tell me that he would like to know where the money went but he was a follower and he works with them. What he told me and how he acts are two different things. Action House has a summer camp where they charge young kids to come and see the poverty in Los Angeles. Imagine "come and see the poverty". How many vacations offer that. The young kids come, many from wealthy families, and work for Craig and Cliff for free. Did I tell you that it's not a cheap vacation. When they arrived Craig didn't have water and a snack for them. He had stuff to sell them. They arrived on the hottest day in Los Angeles and he didn't ever offer them water. I went in to him and told him they needed water. He said nothing. I was ashamed to be working there.
I realized what was wrong with Roberts, the Supreme Court nominee during his congressional hearings... His suit was too small for him.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

In 1998 I produced & directed about 20 episodes of Action House TV, a Christian ministry within the LA International Church. Action House is run by Cliff Scamara and Criag Dickerson. This is a Christian music video program that featured interviews with Christian artists. I also distributed the program to many Christian and family TV networks around the world. The show was seen in countries all over including England, Australia, Peru and several others. I offered the show free because Action House made money from selling stuff, advertising their youth program and getting young kids to their website. That Action House charged young people to come and live with them to learn how to do religious plays. Cliff and Craig always cried poverty and I worked for almost nothing with the hopes of actually being paid a fair salary. They told me they would show me the books so that I can see where the money went but they never showed me the books. They always put it off the day I was supposed to see it. So after this happened a few times I didn't want to work there any more. They used young kids to save money. One of their ways to make money was to charge clients for computer art design and printing. They would have the kids do the work and then they would charge the client but they wouldn't pay the kid that did all the work. I thought this was wrong and I told them. These were kids that had to pay $600.00 a month and the kids were taught how to write letters so they can get their friends to donate money for they "dues". They wouldn't offer any of the money they made for Action House. That's one of the ways that they took advantage of the young kids. The kids didn't realize they were being taken advantage of because the kids were there for religious training and part of that training was to "not question the elders". So the kids did what they were told. It was kind of a brain washing. Cliff would find young kids or families that wanted their children to get away from home and they would charge the kids the $600.00 a month giving them free room and board. The kids would pay and then be the workers too. It was so crazy. Anyway, I left to go work for the Mafia guy Michael Franzese and then never worked for Michael. I then got a job for a production company producing promos for businesses and commercials. I worked here on a free lance basis for about 6 months.
Marriage: I think people should be able to be married for a set amount of time instead of getting a devorce. Like a twenty year marriage. They would make this decision in the beginning of their marriage. And then they have an "out" and could just walk away or just renew their vows. This would also give them the chance to say "Honey, I'm not going to renew our marriage if you don't agree with me." This is all in a prenuptial.
I'm so lucky to have the VA looking after me. I had the portable nebulizer and liquid albuterol to help me when I'm out. That prevents a full breathing attack.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yesterday I got the liquid oxygen to try and see if I liked it. It's called Helios. It's much smaller and lighter than the O2 that I've been using. It looks great and feels good but I tried it for two days and I don't like it. The problems with it are: 1. They say it lasts 8 to 10 hours but it doesn't. It lasts me about 4 hours. I told them and they said it's because I have Lung Disease and I breath faster than the normal person. I don't understand that. Isn't this for people with COPD and other respiratory problems. 2. They only let you have one container so if you run out you have nothing else to carry O2 in for yourself so you have to make it home before it runs out. 3. I don't like the way it comes out. It's a pulse, only goes to 4 liters and I don't feel like I'm getting as much as I get with my bottles of O2. I'm going to stick with my old O2 until they come up with something that gives me more O2.
Had a great massage today but then I had a breathing problem right after the massage. Started sweating, got very warm. Good thing I had a portable nebulizer with me. I couldn't breath but, Dana, the massage therapist helped me. It took about 20 minutes but I made it through and didn't have to call 911 and go to the hospital. I made it home and did a full treatment of Albuterol then went to rest. Got up with temp of 100.6. Now I have to watch it. Doctors say that with End Stage Renal Disease and Lung Disease (COPD) I have to go to hospital with temp of 102. I took a Tylenol so I hope it goes down. I dread going to dialysis tomorrow in East Orange. That's about 1 1/2 hours away from me.
I hate when I'm watching a TV program and they put a little animated promo for another TV program in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
I hate when I'm watching the news and they are scrolling something on the bottom while the newscaster is telling you something else. I can't read and listen at the same time. Are we suppose to choose what we want to know about? Soon they'll use the space above the newscaster also and both sides of the TV screen.
In 2000 Caroline and I wanted to go to Mexico so we loaded the kids and the dog in the car. A friend, Marina, loaded her kids and Nicholas in her car too and we headed off to Tijuana. The intent was to caravan down but it only took five minutes for us to loose each other. At the time, Caroline was driving a Volvo that was over 20 years and she treated it like it was one of her kids. The cars seats were busted, the airconditioning didn't work and her mechanic was always telling her something was wrong and it would cost $300.00 or more. She could be driving a Hummer with the money she put in that Volvo. So we headed down to Tijuana. In Capistrano the car stopped and wouldn't go any further. Fortunately my brother lived in Dana Point so we called him and his wife Laurie. We left the car and went to lunch. When we came back we called AAA. I had Caroline join AAA with the tow for 100 miles and that came in handy. They towed the car 100 miles back to Santa Monica and dropped it off at her garage for another $300.00 repair. Marina and her car load made it to Tijuana and without Caroline, Nicholas could buy fireworks. I don't know why he would because if Caroline finds them she will bring them to the fire department.
One of the big differences with Los Angeles and New Jersey is the attitude of people in regard to the car you drive. In Los Angeles most people are very car conscious but in New Jersey what you drive doesn't seem to matter. In Los Angeles you're judged by the car you drive. In Los Angeles I drove a 2000 Jetta in 1999. Here I drive an older model Mercury that I haven't driven in over a month. I went to start it the other day but the battery was dead. I don't understand that because I've left the for months and it always started. The last person to start the car was my nephew and I'm not sure if he left the lights on. I'll call AAA this week when I have time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tomorrow I'm getting a full body massage. My niece told me that the massage therapist said that I'm an easy person to massage because I have no muscles. She just massages my bones. Very Funny!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Back in the early 90s, I called a massage theapist that I found in the paper. He was an Asian massage theapist. He was licensed and seemed legitimate. I asked him what type of massage he does; expecting Swedish or Deep massage. He told me he does Sensual Massage. Why would I want a sensual massage. I said "no thank you" and hung up. I sure didn't want that. It's so hard to find a ligitimate massage among the people that say they are "ligitimate". Everyone thinks that because you want a massage you want something else too.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

It was about 1990, I wanted a massage so I looked in the paper and called someone that sounded legitimate. She came to the house and I got ready. She set up her table, music and a candle. At the time people were allowed to use candles around me. Today, because of Oxygen, no candles. Anyway, I was laying on her table ready and waiting under a sheet. The first thing she noticed is that I was wearing my underwear. She said; "you have to take off your underwear". I said "That's OK, I like them on". She said; "you should take them off, you'll enjoy the massage more". I said "That's ok, I enjoy it more with them on". She said, "I'd rather you take them off, the elastic around your underwear is not good". I said, "I like them on and I'm paying for the massage, ". That pissed her off and the rest of the massage was down hill. Her massage was very hard, I had to say "That hurts" a couple times. The music sucked, I didn't like the massage oil she used. She just didn't like the fact that I wanted my underwear on. I think she had the wrong idea about this massage. I don't think she was used to just giving a massage.
I have to watch my fluid intake. I can only have about 40 ounces a day. That's about 5 cups with each cup being 8 oz. When someone says not to have water you want water more than anything else. Then you find out everything is water including ice cream, jello, fruit, soup, pudding and everything made with water. If I have too much water then I won't be able to breath and I can get water in my lungs. That really sucks. I also can only have about 1500 mg of salt a day. Salt makes you retain water and it makes you thirsty. Salt is on everything so I have to watch out. The other day I ate some chips that were vegetable chips. It said all natural so I thought they would be good for me. They were full of salt and I ate the entire bag before I noticed this. I couldn't breath the next day. 1500 mg is about 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. The average person should have about 2500 mg of salt in a day. Restrictions! I would love to drink a gallon of water and a New York style salted pretzel. That would be fun. The older you get the easier you are to please.
By the looks of the new TV shows coming out of Hollywood you would think that a very beautiful woman in her thirties is in charge at all jobs; Forensic, detectives, undertakers, major city health director, you name it there's a beautiful woman in an executive position. In the promos she has long blond or brunette hair with a wisp of hair in her face and always a perfect figure. No fat women or should I say no full figure women.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

My first video was in 1982, that's when I produced "The Ryan Lambert Video Fan Club" for my Video Fan Club. In 1983 I produced volume 2 of Ryan's Video Fan Club. I also produced the first film on 16mm called "Evil Jay". A young actor that was also Ryan's best friend was Jason Ibbitson. Jason was very funny and a very nice kid. He wanted to be an actor but he didn't have any formal training. Jason was always in Ryan's shadow because Ryan was a young teen star on The Disney Channel. Jason was always hanging around with him. Jason came to my office and like to hung out. I didn't mind because he had a good sense of humor and he was very helpful. He would just sit around and relax. One day he called me on the phone but I couldn't take the call. I later found out that he commit suicide that day. I was so depressed. I always wondered if he would still be alive if I took the call. I went to his funeral and it was very difficult. To this day, I think about him once in a while and say, Why? I found out that he did this because his girl friend left him. He shot him self in the head. I wish I had talked with him. He was so young (18) with so much to look forward to.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I would like to know where the 500 million a day went that FEMA had the first five days of hurricane Katrina? With 500 million dollars don’t you think they could have given everyone at least a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? For 500 million dollars they could have hired Wolfgang Puck to cook for them with a special desert from Emerald Lagassi and he could have "BAMB", knocked it up a notch! But FEMA sent the “displaced Americans” over 1 million of the meal rations. Do they pay a couple dollars for each meal? Did we pay for all the water? Did we pay top dollar for the water? I would like to see where the money went. Let's see some accountability. Now we find out that the FEMA people have their own credit cards that will now be able to go to $250,000 from $2500.00. These are the same people that got caught charging jewelry and items for themselves when they had this much “responsibility”. And speaking of responsibility, will Michael Brown be held accountable for lying on his resume? Or will Bush just say what a great job he’s doing and having Michael Chertoff say he’s going to be working from the Washington office, like this is a promotion. Chertoff made it sound like Brown was going to coordinate other disasters that might be coming. Oh please, come on? Are we that stupid? The man should be fired and should be fired NOW.
Are we prepared for another disaster? Hey, we weren’t even prepared for the war that Bush got us into. What makes you think we’re ready for anything else? The money is all going to things that don’t matter, all going to what they affectionately call Pork. What is the Vice president doing touring the disaster? Doesn’t that cost us money and why take the attention away from the problems we are having just to talk with him.
Now they are giving all the displaced from $350.00 to $2000.00 according to how many children they have. You can be assured that many people will be taking other families kids to get more money.
Colin Powell said that we should have known by looking at the TV that these people didn’t have cars. What is that about? Why would we come to that decision? Just because they are black? We’re not supposed to do that. Isn’t that racism? Isn’t that profiling?
And the prisoners; they are all running around? No prison for them. Looters, snipers, gougers and murderers. It’s all there. Let’s see how many people get caught cheating, lying and doing anything possible to get money and homes. Are Mexicans using this opportunity to come over the border? And the government is now going to screw the people in that areas again by letting contractors hire the locals at below the minimum wage. Let’s keep the poor, poor and make the rich, richer.
When people get out of their car after parking in handicap parking, I think they should have some visible handicap. How often do you see people parking in the disabled parking and they get of the car and run into the store. They pull up in these big Cadillacs; you know they paid off their doctor to approve them. I think they should have a cane, crutch, wheelchair or Oxygen (like me), then I would feel better.
In Hollywood whenever people get close to success they have a tendency to screw everything up. Actors are notorious for this. If they think they are going to be stars they will start to change everything. Their agents, their managers, their publicity people and even their friends. They don't understand that the momentum is going strong and they should just keep it going and disrupt everything. Many actors think that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and chances are it's not. If an actor is on a TV series they will have all the big agencies after them telling them the will "package" them and get them more money. For some reason money is the most important thing to them. If they are making $20,000.00 an episode, they want $40,000.00. If they hear that another actor is getting the newspaper delivered then they want the newspaper delivered. When I was a personal manager, I always wanted to like George Burns manager. They were together for his entire career. I think Bob Hope was the same way. These actors were very dedicated to their manager and the manager was dedicated to them. Where has that gone. I actually think that Alice Cooper is like that with his manager. But I was dealing with young kids and they have no loyalty. They only see money. Today I don't know what they see but when I watch TV and films, I sure don't see them.
LaMama Hollywood: one of the first theatres I worked at was La Mama Hollywood. This was a theatre dedicated to the screenwriter and we did original plays. The Artistic Director was Jacque Lynn Colton, an actress, and I was on the board of directors. The theatre was just a hole in the wall. It sat about 60 people and was under the 99 Seat Equity Waiver Theatre so that SAG and other union actors could work there without getting paid. Now that I looked back on La Mama it was a time when you can do theatre and have a good time. I don't know if the people are having a good time now because so much is resting on your performance. It's all about getting a part in a movie or on television. The theatre also had a guy named Bob Peters running it for a while and he was some kind of a guru. He started a religion where he had some people living with him and worshiping him. It was all very odd. Bob wore long white gowns and a long beard. I don't know what ever happened to him or his friend Scott Atha. I remember that Bob gradually took over the theatre and was directing plays. Eventually La Mama faded away. Jacque tried to keep it going but she wasn't liked by many of the people that knew La Mama from New York. In New York La Mama was run by one person ( a woman) and was one of the most popular off-Broadway theatres in the city. I performed in a few plays at La Mama Hollywood; "The Poor Little Match Girl" and "LA Confidential" a very funny play that I did a scene with Belle Zwerdling, the agent, when she was an actress. In rehearsal we laughed so much. Belle was a very funny actress.
I have an automatic starter for my car that I bought at Best Buy well it really wasn't the 'best buy' I could get because it stops working all the time. I've been back to the store about 15 times to have it fixed. Each time they fix it and then say the next time we'll replace it. What a drag. It's almost winter and that's when I really need the starter. It was a gift from my sister and she's going to call and scream at them. I sure wouldn't want to be the person on the other end of the phone.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I weigh 120 LB today. On Tuesday I was 122 LB and on Saturday I was 131 LB. I hope I don't go below 120 on Saturday, they will be calling me toothpick legs.
I admire people that smoke. I really do. They are so brave. They aren't afraid of dyeing and they don't care about hurting their family or friends. They aren't afraid of Cancer or emphysema. I wish I could be like that. I care too much for my life. When I see people light up, I say to myself, "Wow, they are so brave; stupid but brave."
I made it through the night. In the morning I did a nebulizer and that makes me feel good. I have to check with the doctor because I take two tylenol before going to sleep. I take them with my regular pills. I think the tylenol is helping me sleep through the night.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

FEMA will be giving everyone in New Orleans a debit card with $2000.00 in it. For some people, this will be a lot of money and many will be going straight to the bar. Why don't they hire people to help clean the city. I'm sure they would get people that would like to work for their money.
The News has turned "Special Report" and "News Flash" into a joke. If everything is a special report how do we know when something is really a special report. On Fox everything is a special report. Speaking of Fox, how does Bill O'Reilly get off throwing stones when he was the one that was talking dirty to one of his associate producers. It's like the reverend Jesse Jackson is on TV and we allow for him to be a spokesman when he had a child out of his marriage. Why do we allow these things to go own?
Finally I talked with a guy at the Ocean County Board of Social Services at new what to do for me. I talked with Morris County Social Services but they told me that my paperwork wasn't transferable. The guy at Ocean County called her up and told her it was and then called me and told me they should have everything in a couple days. He also called the Dialysis center and told them that my paperwork was up to date and that they would pay for my dialysis. That was so good to hear. So I hope to be able to go to dialysis down in Brick by the end of the week or the beginning of next week.
Don't get me wrong but my Home Health Aide is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I asked him to put my laundry in two dryers and he asked me how he was going to know when they are finished. He didn't know how to put up the blinds. I have to repeat everything at least three times. When he vacuums he doesn't move anything from the floor. He asked me if I wanted him to shave me? Sure you're right! I'm going to let you near my face with a razor. I'm thinking of asking for a new aide but I don't want to hurt his feelings.
I'm so fortunate to have a friend like Caroline Lagerfelt. I've known her for over twenty years and she's still as beautiful as the day I met her (backstage at Circle In The Square).
In order to get financial help for my dialysis I have to deal with Social Services and I tell you it's hard to deal with them. They transferred me about 6 times to the wrong person. I had to keep calling back. Then the person I needed was on vacation but not only one person, there were three people they transferred me to that were on vacation. Then one woman I talked with got upset at me because I didn't give her my name. I gave my name so many times I wasn't even sure If I talked with her already. She got very snippy. I have to figure out how to get help. I guess I'll have to go to the office, which isn't easy with O2. I tell them I'm on dialysis and O2 and no one seems to understand how difficult this is. They should have someone that can go your home and help you.
My Aunt Mary is 86 today. God Bless her. I talked with her and she's as spunky as ever. She still loves a cold beer and a shot once in a while.
New Orleans Disaster: You have to admit that it's odd that President Bush is leading the investigation to find out what went wrong. Isn't he part of the problem? They are all starting to blame each other now. All the artists are now coming out, even rappers I never heard of, and the crazy thing is that the press is giving them airtime. I still don't understand what FEMA is doing with all the money they have. Do they pay the government for everything they get. What I mean is does FEMA pay for the helicopters and the cost of the military? I would like to see what FEMA pays for because 500 Million dollars a day is a lot of money. What happened to the first 5 days of that money? I hope someone makes the head of FEMA show us the financial records.
Today I have to call Ocean County Social Services to see if they got my paperwork. I can't get dialysis down in Ocean County until they approve so I have to travel back and forth to the East Orange VA. It took me eleven hours yesterday to get dialysis. They picked me up at 8:30AM and I didn't get home until 7:00PM. I almost ran out of Oxygen. There's always red tape with the government and I don't understand it. I wouldn't mind if I didn't need dialysis to live.
I finally started to get my masters to my films. Caroline sent me some along with Michael's visit to New Jersey. It's great to have them over here. I spent thousands of dollars on these films and I've been paying eighty-nine dollars a month for the past three years in storage rental. It's so good to not be paying this and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Caroline. Once I get the rest of the films, I'll be able to make a list of everything I have.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Last night I went to my brother-in-law, Vincent McDermott's, birthday party. Vince sang "God Bless America" so loud that when he finished the neighbors across the canal applauded. He also sang a few Irish songs from the Three Irish Tenors and then gave one of his traditional speeches at the end of dinner. He's 69 and he eats like he didn't have triple bi-pass surgery.
I made it through the night and I slept all night. I got up at 6:00AM. That's good. I did a treatment when I got up. A treatment is when I use the nebulizer with Albuterol/Ipratropium. I usually wake up with a tightness in my chest. After I do the treatment I feel better and the tightness goes away.

Monday, September 05, 2005

In New Jersey you can buy “protection” from the Police. You’ll notice that many cars have Police insignias in their cars. Some police associations sell the police insignias by phone telling people that if you’re going a little too fast and the cop notices that you support the police association then they might let you go. The donations go to the Police stations. They have $25.00 donations, $50.00 or for $100.00 you get the super Gold Plaque. So if you’re coming to New Jersey get yourself some “protection
I slept the entire night last night and that was good. I got up and did a treatment of Albuteral at around 6:30AM and I made it into the day. I'm still going to look into having a sleep disorder. Now I want to make it through tonight, I take one day at a time. I'm feeling pretty good but I'm a little more tired than I usually am. I have dialysis tomorrow (Tuesday) in East Orange at the VA. I hope they can transfer me soon. I've ben taking it easy on the fuids. I hate making this trip to East Orange that takes me about 8 or 9 hours. I took the down comforter off my bed and put it in the closet. I also took two tylenol before going to bed. I'll try this all again.
My sister Janet sent me an email the other day. This is how she closed it "you will see me I miss your cute face with your hair sticking up and a 5 O'clock beard on your face in your boxers with your stick legs and your nose filled with plastic tubes up each nostril." Well, that paints a nice picture of me. I'm happy she said I had a "cute face" the "hair sticking up and 5 O'clock beard gives m a GQ look and I do wear Calvin Klein underwear. The stick legs are also fashionable and it shows I'm not overweight like most of America and I'm starting a new trend with the plastic tubes up each nostril. I think it will catch on. I'm thinking of creating a new type of tubes that are the same color of your skin so you can't see them. I also think you can put a fake mustache on the tube under your nose so you can't see the tubes going in your nose. They do have new glasses that have the tubes in the glasses and then it goes into your nose from the glasses but they are around $300.00 and they aren't covered by Medicare. So, I guess I'll be that person with tubes up his nose for a while. All the kids stare at me and most adults give me a side look. I don't mind, I wave to the kids.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

My shortness of breath usually comes at night. When I wake up in the middle of the night. I don't know if it's something with my blankets or if it could be the fluid in my lungs. I'm thinking of going into the hospital and spending the night at a sleep disorder place where they monitor your sleep to see what your problem is. I usually have to call 911 any where from 2:00AM to 6:00AM. If I pass that then chances are I won't have to call them because I don't get short of breath. I've been using my nebulizer like they did in the hospital and it all seems to be working. COPD sucks. If you smoke...stop. If you don't smoke....don't start. There's nothing worst then not being able to breath. I'm getting ready for the night and I sure hope I make it through the night without having to call 911.
The one way that a kid will do something is if you tell him NOT to do it. That's what my nephews do with just about anything. I had Michael, Eric and Nick all at once and between farts they were fighting. They had fights in the pool that I thought they were going to drowned each other. But they were just playing. When I was little I almost drowned in the water because my brother would hold me under the water so long. I hated it. When boys are 14, they are big kids. They aren't adults and they aren't really kids. You expect them to be a little more mature but they aren't. We also have girls in the family and they are much more mature then the boys when they are 14. As mature as the boys are, I really enjoyed being with them and having fun. They keep you laughing and there's nothing like the innocence of youth. Let them have fun, in a few years they will have to deal with the reality of life.
Actually the dialysis center wanted me there between 8am and 4pm, I thought they said 4pm and 8pm so I missed them and had to walk all around the hospital to get registered for dialysis at 6am the next day. It all worked out. Also, it's Labor Day weekend and Michael, my nephew, came in to visit me from Los Angeles for only a day because he had to get back for football practice with his school. We had a big lamb dinner for him and it was great. I wasn't feeling great but Mike went to the beach with my other nephew and is having a great time. I took them all back to my place so they could play with my scooter and they loved that. By then I had three nephews with me and it seems that the game they liked playing was farting. I guess that's what 13 year olds do. They fart and then they say a bad word once in a while. They are trying to get my attention because they know I hate farting, especially in the car and worst of all the elevator. Of course, no one takes "credit" for the farts. They all blame each other. I'll see them all this morning for breakfast and I told them that my only rule is "no farting", I told them that I can't breath when they fart and they could kill me. Maybe now they'll stop. I hope so.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Today I have to go to the dialysis center at Ocean Medical at 4PM. I'm going to go there on Saturday. I have to register today. They were giving my nurse at the VA a hard time saying that I had hepititus B. My nurse had to tell them that I don't and they were reading the report wrong. I also have to arrange for Michael to be picked up tomorrow morning. I have dialysis tomorrow morning at 6:00AM.
New Orleans! Why isn't anyone blaming President Bush for not approving the funds that would have fixed the levy? We are over extended with our military, that is why they are slow to respond. FEMA says they are spending 500 million a day. Where is that money going? 500 million a day would be enough to give all the refugees $1000.00 and a room at a hotel. If FEMA's job is to take care of the people, where is the money going. Now the government has approved 500 Billion and most of that money is going to FEMA. I just don't get it. FEMA should state where the money goes.
Johnny Molinari is my cousin from Italy. Well, he's not exactly my cousin but Sergio is his Uncle and Sergio's grandmother is a Sorrentino so in Italy that's enough for me. Johnny visit me in September 2000. Sergio and his wife Alexandria and son Igor are like family to me. They live in Naples and I visited them a couple times. They gave me a tour of Naples, Sorrento and we had a dinner in a restaurant that was in an area of Naples called Marechiaro, translated it means "clear sea". When I was in Italy I always told Johnny that he should learn English so when he comes to visit me he can speak the language. He did study English and he was my translator in Italy. Well, Johnny came to visit me in Los Angeles. He arrived looking very Italian. Tight pants and a shirt open. Caroline said you can see everything with his tight pants. I introduced him to my friend George and George took him out to all the clubs. Johnny and George are like two gigolos. They are two wild and crazy guys. Johnny is Italian and George is Mexican and together they can get just about any girl they want. Johnny has a very heavy Italian accent that he knows how to use with the women. When Johnny first arrived I couldn't find him. We were right next to each other but I didn't recognize him. I hadn't seen him since he was about 16 and now he was 21. Johnny had so many girls calling him all the time. After he left they still called looking for him. Johnny gave instructions "Don't tell anyone where I am and don't give my number to anyone." George took Johnny to strip joints and introduced him to the seedy parts of Hollywood. I took Johnny around and helped him get a job. He hated the job because they treated him like he was an immigrant. I'm trying to get Johnny to visit again. I'm sure George would like a party buddy back again. Johnny is a great cook. He can make the best pastas. Johnny stayed about two months and I wish it was longer. We had the best time.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The New Orleans floods are awful. I feel so sorry for all the people. I was watching Fox News and CNN. They talk about others giving money. They should give money. They soak this stuff up. They have advertisers and they are making big money. Why don't they donate something. I almost get the feeling they enjoy this tradgedy. They keep showing the same gory photos all the time. And how many ways can they ask the same questions? "How long do you think it will take to rebuild? , How many dead bodies are there? How is money distributed when people give money? RIGHT! just look at the red cross and you'll know how the money is handed's not. There's no reason why these people can't already have sandwishes, medications. We are not prepared for a crisis like this.
Dialysis today. Then I had to go to Dr. Vita's clinic so I can establish myself as his patient. I didn't get to see Dr. Vita, there's a three month wait to get an appointment with him. What? Three months? Who wants a doctor that has a three month wait. I have to look into that. I saw another doctor. My sister took me to his office. My sisters don't like me to drive. I'll have dialysis at the Ocean Medical Center out patient clinic.