Monday, October 31, 2005

Dr. Kerr, my pulmonary doctor just called me and told me that they see a shadow or something on my lung from the catscan that I did the other day. He wants me to pick up the film so he can look at it closer and determine if I need to come in a little earlier than my scheduled appointment (November 28th). I'm making arrangements to do that and I'll get it over to him. Meanwhile, I left a message for Dr. Jack Maidman in NYC to see if I can get an appointment with the lung/kidney transplant team at Columbia Presby. In NYC.
All this has me a little bit overwhelmed.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Never ask a woman if she's pregnant, she may say "no". I did that and I was so embarrased when she told me that she wasn't.
When you leave a message on someone's phone you should just leave a brief message not the entire message. Sometimes I get messages that are so long that there's no reason to even talk with the person again.
The president has to pick another person to the Supreme Court. I just had to shut off the TV. I'm so sick of them saying will it be a white man, a black man, a white woman, a black woman, a minority person, a disabled person and to be honest, I don't care if it's a friggin penguin. I'm so sick of politics and just how obvious and how visible everything is. The news tells you what they are going to do and how they are going to do it even before it's done. It really is becoming embarrassing to watch and listen to.
It's 4:29AM, Daylight Saving time. I'm up just in time to hear the Oreck guy begging you to use his vacuum. This guy will do anything to get you to try it. He'll send it to you for free, give you free things just for trying it and pay for the return postage if you don't want to use it. Sure makes me want to just use it for a month and get those free gifts.
Why do we even have this Daylight saving time and what exactly does it save? It's annoying and we really don't need it. We should vote on this during the next elections and get rid of it.
I have a lot of work to do today. Organizing my stuff. I have more videos than Blockbuster. More videos that I don't need. I have copies of copies of copies of my master tapes.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I just found out that one of my best friends that is a medical doctor is also a professor at Columbia University. Now I have to call him Professor / Doctor Jim Lax.
I haven't heard about meeting the doctor for my lung transplant evaluation. I hope I hear this coming week. I want to see if all this is possible so that I can get it over with if it is.
I did hear from a friend, Scott Ewalt. Scott is from my Action House days. He's in the Army now and getting ready to go to Iraq. Scott E was one of the hardest workers at ActionHouse. I have never seen Scott get angry, upset or annoyed but I did see him get moody. He didn't like anyone to touch his area. I never did but others would sit in his chair and touch his music. I don't think he liked that. I don't know who's at Action House now but I can't imagine there being anyone better than the guys that were there when I was there. The other Scott, Lars, Scott's cousin (I can't remember his name but I do remember how much he liked to argue). That little Mexican guy that used to punch the wall when he got upset. I think they got him out of a boys home. That bipolar girl (she was an odd one), The other girls that lived in the same room. I can't remember their names either. Of course Dick Craigerson, the head pastor Manny who worked another church to make money and then there was head honco, the man with the new sunglasses every day and he knew people that would give him their watches, right off their arms (because God told them to) Cliff Scamara.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm trying to figure out how the heat works in my house. You can either turn it on or turn it off. There's no thermostat so you can't leave it in the middle and then just have the tempature stay at an average. So, I have to keep getting up and turning it on when I'm cold and then I'm hot as hell and I get up and turn it off until I'm freezing again. Also there's no heater in the bathroom and when I wake up in the morning I need to have a warm bathroom. It's hard for me to do my morning stuff when I'm freezing. I would hate to have to do my stuff in in an outhouse. I know I wouldn't be able to do that. I have to buy a small heater for the morning so that I can warm up the bathroom. Some people have heaters on their toilet seats. I really don't need that as long as the toilet is toasty.
You ever forget to put down the seat and sit on the rim of the toilet. That is painful but that's how they sit in southern Italy. I really couldn't understand why they don't use a seat. The toilet even has the holes for one.
Caroline is getting ready to open in "Hamlet" in NYC. My sister, the Snow Bird (Janet), went to Florida for winter. Rosemarie said she's bringing me over fish tonight for dinner. Jenna called me and thanked me for sending her a card. Sherry said she would cut my hair on Saturday at 4:00PM if I can make it to Denise's house. Denise calls me and then tells me to call her back but you can never get in touch with her again until she calls you. I'm organizing my house. Nick emailed me about twenty times from his friend's house in Gotland. Mike said that although he lost his football game they feel they might win the next one. Sonia is resting, Charlie is running around with the animals and Mickey, my nephew (the future Monk), is coming to pick me up so we can take a ride to the ocean. It's a beautiful day out.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's nice to hear that people with dialysis were transferred to hospitals that had water and electricity, two things you need for dialysis.
My dialysis at the new place is going fine. The people are nice. Today I got some new protein drink that is for dialysis patients. The guy that sits across from me chews gum and pops it without knowing. He's moving to California on December 1st so I don't have to worry about this for that long.
I walked in to the dialysis unit and someone said "oh hi Mona". I thought he was talking to me because my brother-in-law calls me Mona once in a while, but there was a lady behind me and her name is Mona. I couldn't understand how the nurse knew about calling me Mona? Bob says I Moen all the time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let's talk for a minute about the Hurricane Wilma that hit Florida. The people in Florida had enough time to get ready for the storm. They were told to have food and water for three days. The storm is over, the sun comes up and the people are already on line to get food. Why don't they have enough for three days. Why don't they have food waiting. After all the governor has the president's cell phone and should be able to get supplies fast. I don't understand and the people have no excuse for not being prepared. It's just another mess. Why is everyone so surprised. I just don't get it. Who's fault is it and now they are also waiting on line for gas. Hello people. I give up.
Again, I'm stuck in the house with the remote control. It' always amazing to see the commercials on TV. It's a first for me to hear about "Intimate Gel", to increase the pleasure of sex. Then we have Jeff Paul's Amazing Marketing Secrets and you can get started with only two payments of $29.95. If these things only worked you can be a millionaire in no time. Sleeping problems: Tempur Pedic will cure your problems. "you won't be able to get out of bed". The colon Cleanse is too much for me to Handel and then we go to the Oreck vacuum and Mr. Oreck pushes that like no one else can. I'm sure he sells millions of these things. Bose is really pushing their 3-2-1 set up. I already bought the headphones. I couldn't help myself. I love the home shopping network. I'm so tempted to by stuff. I have to really control myself. I almost bought laundry bags that were in the shapes of animals for only $19.95 for two. Then I thought I could wait until they make it to Big Lot. I'm going to turn the TV off and listen to music.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Watching the news you get the feeling that the storm didn't do enough damage so they are trying to make it worse then it was. They keep showing the same roof blowing off a house over and over again. They are talking about looting but there are no reports of looting. It's a way of talking about looting, something people like to hear about. No injuries. But they are still looking. This isn't good news for TV. They need bad news for the news to be good news for them, otherwise you wouldn't want to watch.
Tomorrow we are suppose to get the "Storm of Storms" here on the east coast. This will be a NorEastern and they say it's going to be bad. Well, we'll just have to see about that. For them to be calling it "The Storm of Storms" is a little premature. Before you know it, CNN will give it a theme song. They love that drama.
I need as much help as possible putting together my film project. My friend Chuck Fishbein (Crazy Duck Productions) gave me some good advise about my master tapes. I have my masters on everything from 1 inch, 3/4 inch, Beta Sp and 16mm Film. He suggests I put it on DVCAM. I'll look into that. Chuck edited my film "The Modernization of New Jersey Steel" and did a great job. I would never have been able to edit that, especially after filming it. I was so sick of looking at all that film by then.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I produced Stacy Ferguson's first Video Fan Club called "Stacy Ferguson Video Fan Club" Vol 1. It was released to her fans and now is a collectors video. There are some floating around.
Any fan of Stacy's will love having this. She is so beautiful in the video and you can see how she is going to be a major star. Now that she's Fergie I'm sure you all agree with me. I also produced a segment with her in "TeenVid Video Magazine", a video I produced and directed. I was always trying to work Stacy in to any project I was working on.
Today I went out with my nephew, Mickey, the future Monk. He came over with food from my sister (meat loaf, sweet potatoes, corn and lasagna). We went out for a drive which is always fun with Mick. You have to just sit back and relax because he drives very slow and makes many wrong turns. He's always going out of his way or making the wrong turn or not turning at all and then we have to go all the way back. We went to Home Depot, then Staples, then Entermann's Discount Store and then came home. He helped me put the new shelves together and then he went home. He might come back tomorrow after church.
Bird Flu, Hurricane Wilma, Soldiers getting killed, Lady throws her children off San Francisco Bridge, 16 year old kills news casters wife, Terrorists threats: Where's the good news?
It's raining out and a great day to just stay home. The only danger is I almost bought the Food Saver, a $200.00 value now available on three easy payments. I have a hard time passing up a bargain even if the biggest bargain would be to pass up the bargain. I passed by the Jewelry Network and they were selling about 200 gems for only $299.00 and that too was on three easy payments. I love those easy payment plans. I started shopping on-line at eBay and found it easy and fun. I also buy on-line at They have sneakers that I like. I buy O2 hoses on-line, they have the softest ones at The ones you get from the oxygen companies are so hard they hurt your nose, especially when you use them 24 hours a day. Hey, That Temper-Pedic beds sounds interesting. What about the numbers bed where you pick your softness? I picked up a cheap version of the temper-pedic, it's only about 4 inches thick but it still works great. Well, it's almost time for Bob Barker and "The Price is Right".

Friday, October 21, 2005

Did you ever notice that whenever a politician is in trouble then he brings his wife out to be with him. I have never noticed Delay's wife before now she's beside him all the time.
I'm looking for a cruise that we (Caroline, Mike, Nick and Me) can take around Christmas for 5 to 7 days. I have to be able to get dialysis. So far, I haven't found one.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My friend Carlos Colon (screenwriter) came by last night and brought over a seedless watermelon. I couldn't help but devour it. His wife, Maria, is selling stuff on eBay and he said she would help me put my 16mm camera and a few other things on line. The camera is perfect for a film student and if I need a camera, I'll rent one.
Halloween is coming and I'm sure we won't get any trick or treaters in this place. The kids can't get in the front door.
I think I'll be a person on Oxygen that needs a lung and rides around on a scooter. I'll also wear a surgical mask.
I heard from Obie (Karl-Johan Pettersson) in Sweden. I call him Obie because when he first said his name with a Swedish accent it sounded like "Obie One Kanobie", so we just called him Obie. Anyway, he's in Sweden. He helped me shoot a video when he was here. He was Nick and Michael's aupair. Obie had so much energy and ran around for months. Email makes it so easy to keep in touch. He's almost married now, living in Sweden, hopes to find a new job and we hope he comes back here sometime to visit. Caroline has had so many aupairs for the kids. Most of them have turned out to be good friends. Only a few haven't. Obie was one of the best. I think one of the worst was a French girl. I can't even remember her name but all she did was eat cheese.
I had to go all the way to the VA hospital today in East Orange so they can look at my access but when we got there they didn't have to look at it. They said it was a mistake. That is just like the VA. I even cancelled once because I didn't understand why I was going in and they rescheduled me so I went in. But my access is fine and working great. That's the good news.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am a pack rat. I just received stuff that was in my storage area in Santa Monica, California and I can't believe all the things that I saved. My family always says "If you haven't used it in four years then you don't need it" and that's true until you see it again. It's so hard to throw things away but I'm doing it. Caroline would be proud of me but not too proud, there are some things I'm having a little trouble with. I find myself hiding things and saying to myself, well, I might need that...Some day? I have to get back to going through the tapes and throwing the ones away that I don't want.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dan Horowitz has talked with so many people since his wife was killed. I'm surprised at how many people come on TV being interviewed and say they talked with him. Now, he's talking about the death. It's going to be interesting to find out how this all turns out. We are all so jaded and have been fooled by so many people. I hope he had nothing to do with the murder. We've all been through this so many times. News is so much more interesting then reality TV.
Flicking around the TV: I'm telling you TV is getting so bad. I've been using my remote and it's amazing how many news programs there are and they are all saying the exact same thing. They all get their info from Associate Press and they report it at the same time. The TV shows all have similar themes. All the sitcoms have fat leads, I guess that's because most people are fat. The women that have the leads in all the cop / detective shows are all beautiful and all the newswomen are young and sexy. They all wear provocative clothing. I wonder what would happen if the men started to wear their shirts open to their their stomach. News women are actually showing cleavage and giving serious news.
Evacuated people from New Orleans used their $2000.00 for lap dances and getting drunk. It's amazing. I knew that if you gave them (you can check my early blog) $2000.00 they would buy alcohol.
I think I just heard the song that is put together to help the Katrina victims and I just don't get it. Something about "I'm ringing the doorbell" ?
Gotta take my medications. It's Tuesday. I'm off from dialysis.
In dialysis I sit across from Jim (the candy man). He always has a bag of candy. He must be a diabetic and he needs that sugar. There are about 30 people in dialysis with me now.
I've been sleeping for like two days. I'm a little thrown off because of my new dialysis schedule. I have to get back to normal. It's 3:00AM and I'm up watching Greta Van Susstan talking about the Horowitz murder. It's amazing just how many people talked with Horowitz after his wife was murdered. All of his friends are on the air talking about the murder. All are paid correspondents. A little odd.
This is the time in the morning where you see all the really stupid commercials.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My sister Janet visited me today. She made me throw things away and then she threw stuff away. I let her reorganize some stuff I had and then we went shopping. I got a pair of shoes and she got two pairs. Then we went to Marshall's and then home to have turkey sandwiches. We had a great time. Sherry sent over a couple bar stools for me to use in my kitchen. I have the best family.
The press has pretty much ignored the Million More Man "peace" March in Washington DC and have been covering the press with the White Surpremacy March and the Black riots in Ohio. The press said it wasn't a Million Man March but only thousands of men attended. The White Supremacy group said they were marching to bring attention to the violence of the black gangs in Ohio but during the march the blacks rioted and threw bottles at the police and burnt down a building of a 82 year old that had nothing to do with the march.
I have my new pajamas on and I love them. Caroline brought them for me at a discount store. On sale from $36.00 to only $10.00. She loves a bargain.
I washed them before I wore them. I usually do that with all new stuff. They are now very soft and fit like pajamas; loose and comfortable.

My sister, Janet, will be here today making me throw things away, I'm sure. I'm trying to hide as much as I can before she gets here.

Last night Rosemarie brought me over flounder Francaise with spinach, and a jelly donut for desert. It was all very good, especially the jelly donut.

Spell check in this blog really sucks. They don't have many words. I'm used to spell check in my computer. That helps me all the time because I'm not good at spelling. Caroline can spell any word in the dictionary or at least get close to it.
Potato growers must be growing too many friggen potatos. I mean, if 5 LB of potatos are $1.00 then they have too many potatos in Idaho.
I jumped up from bed with a loud sound this morning at 4:00AM. At first I couldn't figure out what the sound was then I realized it was a motorcycle going by. This was the schrill sound of a small cheap motorcycle not the sound of a Harley. It was the most obnoxious and irritating sound. Isn't there a time when motorcycles can get a ticket for being loud?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm getting tired of watching them put live chickens and ducks in trash cans to show how they are having to kill thousands of poultry to prevent The Bird Flu.
I'm watching C-SPAN: Million More Movement is today in Washington, headed by Louis Farrakan. Wyclef Jean just finished singing but then came back on because he wanted to come back on not because they were asking for him. They (the march) is saying there are over 2.5 million at this march but as the cameras pan around there's nothing like what was there back in the 60s during the peach rally. They are promoting hate more than peace. You can't promote peace with a clenched fist. "this isn't just a march it's a movement", that's the message they are sending to the prisons. Why the prison?
"If you love Minister Farrakan let me see your hands". "If America is the United States of American, then why can't Africa be The united States of Africa?". Everything is being designed and to promote Minister Farrakan, one of the biggest racists in America.
They advertised for all people but I don't see any white people in the crowd.
All the speeches about "taking over", not about peace, not about solidarity. It's about "Black Power". I thought we were beyond that. They want soldiers to come out of the armed forces and into their army; Louis Farrakan's army. All this to fight white supremacy.
Meanwhile on another channel the Neo Nazi's are fighting in Ohio during a march there. As I used the remote Fox News was on the Neo Nazi's, CNN was on the nomination of Miers. No one but C-SPAN was on the Farrakan Million Man March.
ONLY IN CALIFORNIA: I just found out that a friend of mine got a medical prescription for marijuana in California. He then took his prescription to a store and had a pick of the type of marijuana he wanted. This is a friend that suffers from insomnia and leg pain. He also got permission to grow twenty plants in his backyard. He said that the doctor's visit cost him $150.00 and the marijuana cost $100.00. His prescription is for one joint before he goes to bed. I heard that marijuana is suppose to be good for respiratory problems. I have to ask my doctor?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Dialysis today at 6:00AM, finished at 10:00AM. Home and then I took Nick to the train station. I have off the weekend. My first weekend off with my new Brick schedule. I have to watch what I drink and eat. I'm feeling very good. I weigh 117 LB. All bones. I want to gain a few pounds. The nutritionist gave me some stuff to drink to see if I liked it. It's filled with proteins. It's like Ensure but made for dialysis patients. It's good.
It's raining and it's been raining for several days. Nick Lagerfelt is 18 and he asked me why, if they know it's going to rain, do they still have floods in the same place. That is a great question? It's been raining since the beginning of time and some towns get the same problems every time it rains. Why don't they fix it? We wondered why the didn't fix the dam in N.O. but why would they fix it, we never really fix anything like that. It's just put off. Where I grew up I bet it's still flooding in the same place as it did when I was a child.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Does the Mayor of New Orleans have a clue what's going on? He says the stupidest things without checking with anyone else in the city. The man should be fired as soon as possible so they can get someone that can work with others. The Governor is out there too. She belongs with the Mayor and should be voted out of office. I think others will be taking over the City. Why anyone would want to move back and rebuild is beyond me. I don't care how beautiful the city is. It's going to flood again and everyone or their children will be in the same place again.
Children's Dolls: They are now getting ready for Christmas but I think they are getting carried away with children's dolls. They are doing more and more. The dolls are crying, telling you things and wetting. Soon I expect them to have a Whore Doll. This doll dresses like a whore and then you stand it on a corner. Cops come by and harass her. Then undercover cops come by and offer her money then arrest her. There are no real Johns left on the streets, it's only undercover cops.
I was just corrected that I shouldn't call midgets, midgets; I should call them "little people" and I knew that. I was good friends with Zelda Rubenstein and she insisted on being called a little person. I don't know where Zelda is today. I know she was dating a guy that was 6 ft. 2 in. and they looked very odd together but they were happy. Zelda was in one of those science fiction films. If you know let me know so I can edit this and if Zelda sees I wouldn't like her to know I forgot her film.
Dr. Albernese visited me in Dialysis and told me not to worry about anything regarding my transplants. He will have his transplant nurse talk with me and she will call New York's Columbia Hospital and set up an appointment. He will visit every two weeks.
Nicholas Lagerfelt is here visiting me before going into the Swedish Army. I didn't know what I was going to do with him at first. I figure he's 19 and will want to go out and party and I'm just not the party type. I tried calling my other nephews but the rain was so bad we couldn't go out because of the flooding but I will see them today. At 19 what could I do for him. Well, it was actually very east. I ordered pizza and he watched cartoons. I hope they let him watch cartoons when he's in the service. He really likes them. We had a good time. I was asleep by my usual 9:00PM, up now after reading in bed for a while because I didn't want to wake him up and he's in the same room as the computer. I remember that nothing really wakes him up anyway. He's 19 and can sleep through a bomb.
It looks like it stopped raining today. It's so nice not to have to get ready now to be picked up by a van and taken to East Orange VA for my dialysis. What would have been the start to a 10 hour day of running around. Now I'm free all day. I'll take Nick to visit Chris and Ty in Freehold this morning after we go to breakfast.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I was watching baseball and I think they should replace catchers with midgets so they don't have to bend down. This will give midgets a new job and something to look forward to. Why not?
Heard from a friend Scott Rocha, he's in Norway. I've known Scott since my Action House days. Scott was and I'm sure still is one of the hardest working guys on any set. He knows so much about computers too. As a matter of fact, he showed me how to get the SPAM off my blog. Scott has a blog on blogspot too with lots of photos. Another friend Lars who lives in Denmark will be working for him as an actor on October 19th. That's great news. Maybe Scott will help Lars find a wife.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I talked to Dr. Sonnett's office today regarding the procedure to be considered for Lung Transplant and I have to have my doctor call and send over my records. I tried calling Dr. Strauss today but I think it was a holiday (Columbus Day) at the VA. I'll call tomorrow.
My sister Janet reminded me that some people reading my blog may think I didn't have a fun childhood. So, I want to make sure you know I did. My mother was one of the funniest women that I knew. She always kept us laughing. No matter what we were going through she always found something that made us laugh. She had a very difficult time when my father died. I was 11 and she had to raise me while at the same time she was very sick but never let that get in the way. She was in the hospital and had to have a colostomy. She never complained and still used laughter to get us through it. I wouldn't trade her or my family for all the families in the world, even though I joke about it. My sister also reminded me that my mother would say "Go piss up a rope." I don't even know what that would mean, other than go get lost. My sister Janet got my mother's sense of humor. She can really make me laugh.
My first dialysis at the Brick Dialysis center was good. I was picked up by a car at 5:30AM and it was right on time. They took me over to the dialysis center and before you know it I was hooked up. I took my own blanket over there. I fell asleep for about 2 1/2 hours. I was finished by 10:00AM. I called the car and they came to get me. The nurse there asked me lots of questions, I signed lots of papers and that was it. This place has about 20 stations with two nurses and about six assistants. I got the flu shot today too.
I'm home already and it's only 11:00AM.
Carleen, my niece, came over with Mr. Rega and they brought me over lunch of macaroni, sausage from Hoboken and meat. It was very good. They also delivered my video tapes that I had at their house. Santo will be coming soon and I'll have him put them all away for me.
I'm off to my first day at The Brick dialysis center. I got up at 4:00AM and had breakfast, did a treatment and now I'll meet the car at 5:30AM. I'll be back by 10:30AM.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Growing up I always had the feeling that no one wanted me around. Oh, not that they didn't love me but they were always telling me to go places. Like "go play in the traffic" or "go play on the railroad tracks". We lived close by the railroad. My mother used to tell me to "Go pound salt up your ass." I still don't know exactly what that meant unless of course she meant for it to be exactly what she said. So I didn't grow up with mixed messages, the message was loud and clear, like everything else, I never really listened to them. If I listened, I wouldn't be here today.
Today I have to call my good friend Bill Turner to make sure he's OK.
It's 5:00AM and I have to start getting up at 4:30AM so I can be ready for pick up at 5:30AM for dialysis.
It's raining today.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

My last day in dialysis at East Orange VA hospital. I said goodbye to the nurses and gave the ones there friendship bracelets. I'm going to miss them. They are all very nice and have been with me at the worst of times. I'll be going to dialysis in Brick which is only about five minutes from my house.
After dialysis today I went to my sister Rosemarie's house for Marybeth's birthday.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Another person died in Dialysis; Mr. Lewis. I really didn't know Mr. Lewis very well but he was on dialysis like the rest of us. Another empty chair. God Bless him.
Saturday is my last day going to dialysis in East Orange. I'll start in Brick on Monday at 6:00AM and will go Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A taxi will pick me up at 5:30AM and will also pick me up when I'm finished. The transportation office gave me a telephone number to call whenever I wanted to go to an appointment in Ocean County and a number if I want to go out of the county. I will have to go New York City so they gave me a number to call for that. I'll call it on Monday and find out what I have to do. A lot of calling. There is no book or any person that can direct you through all this stuff. There should be. This should be the work of a social worker. I'm sure there are lots of people that don't have the energy to do all this and never get any of it.
I received a message from Karen in Dr. Sonnett's office so I called her back but she wasn't there. I left a message that I was looking for an appointment and will follow up on Monday.
I met Caroline in Freehold, New Jersey with Denise and then we picked up my other niece Sherry Tronio. She was getting a massage. We went and had the best sushi lunch in Freehold. It was a BYO Japanese restaurant so we picked up white wine and sake. After lunch we went shopping in a few of the stores in Freehold and then had to get Caroline back to the bus so she can get back to New York. Caroline studies her lines for "Hamlet" waiting for the bus and on the bus. We had the best time. I'm looking forward to our next Friday we can be together. We're thinking of taking Caroline to Asbury Park for lunch and a tour of the old boardwalk.
Caroline and Enid Rodgers are coming in to see me. Enid is 93 and just an awesome woman. She has the energy of four people. I sure wish that I have that energy when I get a lung and a kidney. I'll see them in Freehold, we'll have lunch and then they will go back to NYC at 2:00PM.
I can't wait to see them. I'm a little nervous about them coming to visit because of the threats to the subways. But I know Caroline and Enid enough to know that wouldn't scare them at all. As a matter of fact I wouldn't want to be a terrorist and have to deal with Caroline and Enid together. They would kick his ass.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I was watching Fox News and they were showing how police were checking everyone's bags as they enter the subway. While they were showing this there was a poster in the background of the new movie, "Chicken Little" opening November 4th. You remember him; "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". It seems to go well with the News.

Those people are still waiting for help in New Orleans. I don't understand where all the money that is given to all these organizations including the faith based ones. Where are they? With all the money given I'm sure they could do a lot more.
I was just washing my dishes and it made me remember how my mother wasn't very good at washing dishes. We didn't have a dishwasher then. That's why I scrub them clean. I also remember when I didn't take out the trash she would put it next to my bed. She had a way of getting you to do things for yourself. The same with ironing. I can iron like the best because she continually burnt my shirts. I can't tell you how many times I went to school with an iron print in the back of my shirt because she would answer the phone and forget the iron was on my shirt.
My nephew Mickey is thinking of being a Monk. He's visiting the order and seeing if he likes it. When you become a Monk, you are a Monk for life. I think you live with them for life too. I heard from him via email and he said he likes it a lot. They pray, eat, pray, eat and pray. Of course they all have their chores. I wonder when they get those long brown robes?
I wrote a letter to Dr. Sonnett about getting a meeting with him. I read all the stuff they sent me and feel very comfortable about setting up an appointment. I'll be able to bring all the kidney testing stuff from St. Barnabas in New Jersey.
I'm very impressed from the people that have received lung transplants that are in the COPD chat room. Danny and Woody are two of the ones that I know best. I hear there is a transplant chat room that I can go to also. I'm going to check that out tonight.
I'm not looking forward to traveling back and forth into New York City. I hope many of the tests can be done in New Jersey and then sent over.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I just saw this lady that was in front of the Supreme Court when they were hearing arguments for "Assisted Death". This lady was angry because she had cancer and she wants the right to die the way she wants to die. I don't understand all the anger. If she took that anger and turned it into positive thinking maybe she could live a little longer. The was so angry!

I got a letter and packet on lung and kidney transplants from New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia along with info on the main doctors that oversee both the areas. I'm going to start with Lung Transplant guy, Dr. Joshua R. Sonnet.
A fan of the movie "Zapped" email me after reading about Greg Bradford in my blog and asked me if this was the same Greg Bradford that was in "Zapped", starred Scott Baio and Will Ames. Greg is so, I forwarded his requesting to get some behind the scenes facts about the making of the film. I wonder if he knows that Willie Ames is now a born again Christian and traveling all over the country making a fortune playing "Bible Man" and selling all the stuff that goes with it. I think Scott just got a series. I seem to remember seeing him on a promo. I hope it did, he's a good guy. "Zapped" was the movie that had the beautiful Heather Thomas and if I remember right the movie company used Heather's face and put another person's naked body on her. I think she sued. I don't know where Heather is today but she was a very sweet and nice girl, very funny. I liked her a lot.
Beautiful day here in New Jersey. I'm feeling great. Just had a Lemon Ice...So good. Waiting for info from New York Presy. Hospital regarding transplants.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I had to talk with Jersey Central Power and Light. They had me pay 20% of my bill and then divided the rest of my bill for six months. That will make it easier for the amount I used. I also asked how to get help because I use electricity for my breathing and they suggested St. Vincent dePaul and they gave me the telephone number for them a few other New Jersey organizations that could help.
My niece Marybeth visited me last night and brought me over Crab Cakes and a salad. It was perfect because I wondering what I was going to eat. She also came with her sons, Eric and Mark. We had a great time and Eric loved driving my scooter back and forth in my living room until Mark pressed the reverse and ran into a plant I had. He wasn't hurt but that ended them playing near the scooter.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I received an email today from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center in regard to Lung and Kidney Transplants. The letter gave me the names of the doctors in the hospital that are in charge. They are also sending me information about the program they have.
I talked with Medicaid today and asked them if I was able to be covered by Medicaid for medical procedures that aren't covered in New Jersey. They didn't know, they told me to ask the hospital if they would accept it. I know they take Medicare, it's the additional 20% that I'm thinking about.
I'm closer to getting into the Brick Dialysis. I talked with David Booker at Ocean County Medicaid and he's processing my case and said it should be completed for me to go to Brick in a day or so. I mailed him my Bank account statements for the last two months. Once I get a date to start dialysis, by the way, it's going to be at 6:00AM until; as the secretary said "The snow birds" left . After the snow birds leave then I can get a 10:30AM chair and that is much better. I'll know tomorrow if I'm starting in Brick on Thursday.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I tried writing New Jersey's senators today and the email was returned "not able to deliver". Isn't that just typical New Jersey. I'll try another day. I wrote a long email too about the smoking problem at the East Orange VA.
I think one of the most difficult things to understand was the reaction of my "Christian" friends after leaving Los Angeles. I am very surprised how they just stopped talking with me and just cut me off. Particularly Cliff Scarmara the head of Action House Ministry. He prides himself on helping others. His partner Craig Dickerson is the same. They are opening ministries in Peru and always raising money to help others but they never once reached out to see how I was or send me a note of prayer. Then there's Metro Church, this is another place that I went to all the time. I donated money to them, I went on a weekend to a retreat with them. I know that the pastor knew I was sick but never a call, or an email or anything. I did get a couple emails from one of the other pastors but he stopped emailing me. There are so many people that want to help the world but they don't want to help their neighbor. They talk about helping the homeless, the poor, the sick but they aren't really talking about the ones right in their parish. When I started going to those churches I was looking for something that I thought was there. But it wasn't there. I already had it and didn't know. Michael Franzese is another one. The Xmafia guy turned born again Christian. He never called, sent a card or emailed me a greeting. I talked with him all the time and just expected more. I think if these people got sick and I was healthy I would at least keep in touch. I keep in touch with friends of mine. All these people I did send emails to but they stopped responding. Oh, well that's life. I have great friends so I don't really miss them. I just think it's not in the styles of the ministries they say they run. That's all.
On Saturday there was an empty chair in dialysis. I asked a nurse where Mr. Edwards was and was told he died last night. Mr. Edwards was very nice. He was about 55 and he was in a wheel chair. Every dialysis day he arrived with his wife pushing his wheelchair. Mr. Edwards was one of those guys that knew something about everything. He always laughed at me because I carried Oxygen tanks and a back pack and I always arrived at dialysis exhausted. He said I needed an electric scooter. When I got an electric scooter I accidently ran into him. His wife was there every day after his dialysis waiting for him. I was told that he was very sick and had a very bad heart. It was just a matter of time. He was very stubborn and just the other day yelled at one of the nurses because they tried to put him in a chair where the TV doesn't work. He got up and moved to another chair. God bless him. I know he thanked God for every day he was alive, he told me that while we waited to have dialysis. He had a great laugh.
I got up early today. It is a beautiful day. I went to the Pt. Pleasant Beach Boardwalk that is about 15 minutes from my place. I sat on the boardwalk with my O2 and I even took the O2 off for a little while and was breathing the fresh salt air. It was so great. I love being by the ocean. It gives me so much energy. I didn't make it down to the water but I hope to the next time. I would like to put salt water on my face, it's so healing.
The war in Iraq; every day we hear about more young soldiers getting killed. Kids that are only 19 or just in their 20s. It's terrible. They send them through boot camp and then right into war. When I was in the Navy I sure wouldn't be ready for war right after boot camp. I was 19 then too. You're just not ready for war. The White House says all things are getting better but I don't feel they are. There is going to be major anti-war arguments in 2006 as the war deaths get closer to 2000. I don't know what the war is about any more. There will be no end in our lifetime or the lifetime of the next generations if we continue. We have to put money into education not into war. Educate young people on how to solve problems without war. Imagine two hundred billion dollars into education instead of war.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Columbia University in New York City has a Lung Transplant program. I emailed them for info and will wait to see what they say. If possible I would like to be in New York. The only other alternative is USC but that is too far from my family and I want to be close to them. When I come home after the operation I'll need lots of help for a little while. Then I'll be jogging again.
I'm still moving forward in regard to Lung Transplant. I talked with our transplant nurse at the VA hospital and she said there are a few VA hospitals that will do it in Penn. But first I want to look in New York City and other places. I have a lot of research to do about Transplants and Transplant Hospitals. I just got home from dialysis so I'm a little tired. I'm going to take a nap.
Bill Turner is home from the hospital after spending a few days for respiratory problems. He's now on Presidsone and taking care of himself. He's getting stronger and stronger every day. I know the feeling. It's so hard to rest in the hospital because they wake you up every four hours to give you medication, take your blood pressure, temperature or just to wake you up and ask you if you're sleeping. Now, he'll listen to the doctors and take care of himself, I'm sure. I'll keep in touch just to bother him and make sure he's doing the right thing.