Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's New Year's Eve and time to make amends and resolutions. It's time to look back at 2005 and prepare for 2006.
As far as amends: I can't really think of any. I haven't done anything bad to anyone. I haven't been in any arguments with anyone. Wait: I may have been short with a few people on the phone. I hang up on telemarketers and I may have even cursed at a few. They seem to call at the wrong time. I jump up to get the phone, I'm out of breath, and it's a telemarketer. What can be more annoying. I don't want to say I'll be nicer to telemarketers because I don't know if that will happen. I'll try not to curse at them. After all, they are just trying to make a living and although it was only about a week; I was a telemarketer once. Yes, right here in New Jersey. I sold police protection. At least that's what it sounded like to me. I would call people and tell them how important it would be for them to buy a Police Shield for their car. It would let the cops know you support them and they might not stop you when your speeding or if they do stop you they will see this and let you slide. It was a real crock and once I realized what I was doing I quit. The best people to sell to were little old ladies. The guys that worked there knew they could scare them easily. I hated it.
I want to be nice to people and go out of my way to be nice to older people. As far as resolutions. I want to stop drinking a lot of fluid on my off days. I want to move as fast as I can towards a transplant and I want to keep the image of walking along the beach with my new lungs and kidney. I can't wait for that.
I want my family to continue to have good health and be happy. I want my family to get together more often because it's so much fun when we do. I want all my nieces and nephews to know each other better and stay friends. I want my sisters and my brothers-in-laws to enjoy their grandchildren and have good health in 2006.
I want my niece Sharon and her husband Craig to get back to a normal life and for their boys to remember all the good thing that their grandmother did with them. I want Douglas to not take everything so serious.
I want my nephews Christopher and Matthew to have a fun and safe graduation from Highschool and a fun and safe first year in College. I want all the other kids to keep up their grades and go to college.
I want Nick Lagerfelt to get back into school, either a college or a trade school. But one or the other as soon as he finishes the Swedish military. I want Michael to follow his dreams and start writing a daily diary. I want Caroline to get a TV series and make a lot of money so we can travel around the world when I get my lung and kidney.
Me, I want a lung and kidney. I want to be able to breath and pee. That's all I ask. I want to walk along the beach without oxygen. I want to pee like a 16 year old. I want to sleep only eight hours a day instead of being up eight hours a day and sleeping the rest. I want my fistula to fade away from not being used. I want my sense of humor back. I want to laugh more and hard. If I laugh too much now I loose my breath. I want to travel.
But most of all, I want to enjoy my family. I want my family not to worry about me being sick. I want to build my relationship with God because God keeps me going and he's the reason I'm still here. My life is in God's hands and that's why I never worry about anything. Whatever God has in store for me is good. If God wants me to have a transplant then I'll have it. It's all in his hands. I look forward to 2006. It's going to be an awesome year of miracles.

Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm feeling a little better today than I was yesterday. I talked with the dialysis center and they will rearrange my dialysis for January 11th so that I can go down to Penn and see the doctors. I should be getting something in the mail that tells me where I'm going.
Denise will be coming with me. I'm going to arrange for transportation so we don't have to drive down.
I'm looking forward to seeing the hospital and hearing about their success with Lung and kidney transplants.
I wasn't able to go to Craig's mother's funeral. I wasn't feeling well enough to do that. I'm planning on seeing the kids and Sharon tomorrow. I want to take the kids to the toy store and let them pick out whatever they want (that they can bring on the plane).
I'm going to bed early tonight. I usually feel best the day after dialysis. I weighed 119 lb when I left. That's a little under my dry weight so I can have a couple extra drinks.
Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I'm sure I'll be welcoming the New Year in my dreams. I can't even imagine being out in a crowd of people.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm not sure if I went to sleep last night a little nervous about the thought of a lung and kidney transplant but I got up this morning feeling better about it. I'm sure anyone would be a little nervous about it. After all they will be putting all new stuff inside me and then I'll have to get used to it. Woody, one of the transplants I know said he would do it again. He's been going hunting and has planned a trip. He had his about eighteen months ago. He said it has made a big difference in his quality of life. Woody also said that they got him up to walk on the first day after the surgery. I just want to walk on the beach again and go on trips with Caroline. That will be fun.
Last night I woke up in a sweat. I'm breathing easy and that's good. I think I might have had a bug of some kind. Also, my right arm is hurting. I'm not sure if I slept on it wrong or I have some kind of tendenitis. It hurts a lot when I move it. I know the old saying, "Doctor, my arm hurts when I do this". Doctor says "Then don't do that!".
Today I'll find out more about Helen's funeral. I still don't think I can go.
It's 2:43am now and I'm going to go back to bed for a little while. I've been sleeping since 6:00PM.
My sister, Janet, was here and she threw away all my treats. I had these chocolate rings that had raspberry in them. I would eat one about once every few days. I can't find them. She put everything away for me and I have to search for everything. I gave all my other chocolates to Santo to bring to his family. I'm not suppose to eat chocolate and everyone gives it to me. I buy those rings because sometimes I have to have a little piece of chocolate and I eat a few phosphorus binders with it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I got a call today from Mica at the University of Penn Hospital. They scheduled an appointment for me to meet the Lung and Kidney Transplant doctors on Wednesday, January 11th at 9:00AM. I'll have to change my dialysis because they said they are coordinating this with both the Kidney and Lung doctors. Denise will come with me.
Craig's mother will be buried on Friday. I don't think I'll be able to go to the funeral. I'm just not feeling well and I don't want anything to go wrong with me at the funeral.
I have to prepare for the January 11th meeting.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I got up this morning and changed the water in fish's bowl. I couldn't even see poor Twizzler the water was so cloudy. Now's it's clean and he's happy again. I can see him smiling.
Last night I had a dream that I was driving a sports car. I was driving fast as I turned into a tunnel. The car did a spin and I didn't make it. The car wouldn't start. Then I was in the tunnel without a car. A large black and white bear was entering the front of the tunnel and I had no place to run. I thought this was the end. The bear was coming in after me. Then the car started and I drove off. I was safe. I woke up.
It's Thursday and Janet, my sister, may visit me. She read yesterday that I said Rosemarie was "the best" cook but I didn't mean she was better than Janet. Janet made sure she sent me an email letting me know she read that. I guess there's a little sibling rivalry.
I have to return a few things that I got for Christmas. I got size small and I wear a medium.
I'm going to make myself some French toast.
I need a new vacuum.
As long as I move slow, I'm ok. I have to nebulize three times a day, at least. I will start to feel a little heaviness in my chest. (Is heaviness a word).
Last night it was so windy. The wind whistled like it was a horror movie. I loved it. The one thing about this apartment is that I feel very safe here.
I tested my "Medic Alert" yesterday and it's working. That's another reason I feel safe. I know someone is just a button push away. I highly recommend it to anyone that might need assistance.

Monday, December 26, 2005

It's the 45th anniversary of my father's death today, December 26th. I remember it like it was yesterday. It lead to about three or four days of funeral. My first funeral. I remember that also, like it was yesterday. It's not a sad day today for me. After 45 years you just remember the good times. I do wish my father was here to see his grandchildren. He would love them.
I'm off to dialysis right now and will write more later.
I got the news that Craig's mother died. Helen died in Tenn and they will bury her here. They have to ship the body up from Franklin. Helen had cancer and was very sick. All our prayers will go out to Craig, Sharon and their boys.
I feel good after my dialysis. A little tired. Santo was here today. He got a sock caught in my vacuum. I think I need a new vacuum.
The news just repeats the same thing over and over again.
Today is the first day of Kawansa, the holiday that was started in the 60s. Kind of like the African American's version of the 12 days of Christmas. I think it's like the 7 days of Kawansa. I don't know too many people that celebrate it; other then some retailers trying to make money.
My fish needs his water changed. It seems the more I feed him the cloudier the water gets.
My sister Janet might visit me tomorrow.
I'm waiting to hear from U. of Penn. They should be calling me soon for a meeting regarding the Lung Transplant.
I'm gonna go rest.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas! There, I said it. I didn't say Happy Holiday. It's Christmas morning. I'm up early and Santa did come this year. It's a great Christmas. Last night I was at my sisters and we had prime rib. It was so delicious, it melted in your mouth. My sister is the best cook. For Christmas, Mickey gave me a set of coasters. I guess I can use them on my TV trays. I gave him an encouraging word. I gave him the word "Inspire" cut out in wood. He said he wanted an encouraging word.
Today I'll go over to Carleens for Christmas dinner. I'm going to rest up. I might go over to Marybeth's for breakfast, if she calls me and If I'm feeling well enough. I would like to see Mark with all his toys. I'll call all my other nieces and nephews.
The fish is looking at me. I guess he wants some food / her Christmas breakfast.
I'm feeling good and that's a Christmas gift that's good enough for me. It's going to be a great day.
I was right. It was a great day. I rested for a while after writing the first part of this then Marybeth called and invited me to breakfast. Expecting a very healthy breakfast of 7 grain bread and all that stuff, I was surprised that she had lox, bagels, eggs, bacon, ham and fresh squeezed orange juice from oranges straight from Florida> It was really great. I stayed there for a little while then went home to nap before going to Carleens house for 2:00pm.
I got up around 1:15pm and made my way over to Carleens. The dinner was delicious and everyone mentioned that she didn't dust her chandelier before the dinner. Carleen and Marybeth hosted this dinner party although I think Mr. Rega cooked the lasagna, pork and he made the meat balls. Marybeth put together the antipasto. I stayed for the entire dinner and then left soon after we opened some presents. I got some very nice things that I didn't expect. They are all so nice to me. I got thing that I needed too.
I made it home with feeling great. I had cookies that they gave me so I had them and now I'm ready for bed. I have to get up for 4:00am and have dialysis tomorrow. Tomorrow, December 26th is a holiday.
Oh, Caroline wasn't able to get out of town. She was stuck at the airport all day and she will try again tomorrow morning. She's going to the Bahamas with Mike and Nick. I hope they make it tomorrow.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's Christmas Eve. Last night I slept about 10 hours easy but I have to say I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday after dialysis I was very tired, exhausted even. The good thing is that they gave me epogen (red blood cells) so today I have a little more energy. Well, I have a lot more energy and I hope it keeps improving. That would be nice. Tonight I'm supposed to go to Rosemarie's house for prime rib and I would like that but I don't want to go if I don't feel well.
Maybe today I can run out and buy a few more gifts. I don't know if I can but I would like to.
I was just coughing and sneezing at the same time. That is strange.
I swear that fish that they little girls got me is very smart. She actually looks at me when she's hungry. If I go into the kitchen, the fish will stare at me until I feed her. She's looking at me now so she must be hungry or I'm nuts. I"ll clean her bowl today for Christmas, as a treat. She loves a clean fish bowl. Her name is twizzler, like the licorice.
I stayed in bed most of the day. It's about 3pm now and I'll start to get ready to go over my sisters house for dinner. Dinner is around 5 and I'll get there around 5 so I can sit, eat and then come home soon after. I don't want to over do it because I'm going there again tomorrow. I'll stop by a store on the way over and pick up some lottery tickets for my nephews. They like that and I didn't buy the older kids a gift so I'll get them that and then they have a chance to win twenty thousand dollars.
I did manage to clean the fish bowl so Twizzler is very happy. I can see her smiling. She does love a clean bowl.
I talked with Caroline. She's going to Swedish church and then having her Christmas dinner. Tomorrow morning she's going away for three days with the boys. They are going to be surprised. Nick comes home today too. I'll give him a call later on.
I'm getting hungry. I hope I can get at my sisters. appetitey appitite keeps up. Sometimes Iappetitey appitite completely. I love prime rib so even if I don't eat there I know I'll be able to eat when I'm home. They always give me some food to take home.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I wanted to just write a little about Christmas and what it means to me. This is December 23rd and when I was 11 my father went into the hospital on this day and it was the last day I saw him alive. I remember that night and I asked for a Christmas tree and he wouldn’t buy one yet. My father liked to wait until Christmas eve to buy the tree and put it up and I wanted one. He yelled at me and I went to bed crying. Remember I was only 11 and a Christmas tree was a big deal.
That night I heard a lot of commotion in my house. I could hear everyone and then I got up and looked and my aunts and everyone were sitting at the kitchen table. I didn’t know what was happening. I heard that my father had to go to the hospital.
My father was very Italian and he didn’t believe in doctors. We didn’t know he was sick. It turned out he had a brain tumor and they had to operate. He was at the Jersey City Medical Center. They did the operation and the operation was a success.
I remember praying and praying. But then on Christmas night he had a blood clot of some kind and he died.
I was in shock and my entire family was in shock but we handled it and we went through a funeral. The funeral was very sad. I wasn’t allowed to see my father in the cast but I did take a peek just before they closed the casket. I’ll always remember that image. It didn’t look like my father. I remember my mother saying that the undertaker up the wrong hair on my father. I didn’t really understand that. My mother was one of those very dramatic Italians and she had to try to jump in the casket just before they closed it. That was just her style. She really didn’t want to jump in but she was very tired.
The funeral was very nice. My mother made us laugh on the way to the cemetery remember things that my father did.
They buried my father close to a tree and when they put him in the grave there was a ray of sunlight that came down from the sky. I’ll always remember that. It was like a sign that he was happy. A part of me ran across the cemetery that moment but I stayed there and just cried; throwing my flower on the lowered coffin.
Today, I think about that Christmas but I love Christmas because of all our kids. I enjoy it and always wish my parents were here to enjoy the kids. They would love them, like I do.
Caroline said that she would come with me to U of Penn Hospital to talk with the doctors. I have to bring a couple people with me. It will happen right after the new year.
Today I was so tired after dialysis. I slept three hours and my blood pressure was 180/? . I took a clonidine but earlier I took a diovan. I’m waiting for it to go do down now. The high blood pressure makes me feel anxious / restless. I’m also thinking a lot about the transplant. It’s hard not to.
I have to make sure it’s something I want and I want to look at all the possibilities and all the statistics. I know that you shouldn’t rely on statistics but it’s good to know. I feel good about the idea of it but it’s a big deal. I mean they are going to put in new lungs and maybe a new kidney.
I also think? How will they do a Lung and a Kidney at the same time. Especially when the Kidney’s survival requires you drink a lot of water and the Lung needs as little water as possible. That seems to be a little conflict of interest. Maybe it will be better to do one at a time with the Lung being first.
I do hear that Lung Transplants are jogging and leading normal lives after the transplant. I have to talk with more of them and read more blogs from transplants. The blogs are very helpful.
Caroline said she would give one of her kidneys but I really don’t want that. I would rather wait and see if some thing else happens. If I’m getting a lung maybe they can just get the kidney from the same person.
I got epogen today so that should help me for tomorrow and the weekend. Epogen is red blood cells and they give me energy.
My niece, Sharon, and her husband, Craig, are taking care of Craig’s mother. She’s dying of cancer and she’s staying with them in Tenn. I heard that she will be dying soon and they will be coming back here to bury her. It’s very sad to be happening over Christmas. I do remember that my father died over Christmas too. As a matter of fact, he went into the hospital today, December 23rd, 1962, and he died on December 26th. We always felt he died on Christmas day but my mother didn’t want us to remember his death on Christmas so they said it was the 26th. That is something my mother would do. She loved lying once in a while. Especially about dates. She always lied about her birthday. She erased the year from her driving license. I didn’t put her birth and death on the tomb stone because I know she wouldn’t like that.
My thoughts are with Craig, Sharon and the boys: Doug, Justin and Christopher. It will be sad but it will be a relief that she will not be suffering and she will be with her husband. Oh, I just remember. She divorced him, oh well. Maybe they will marry again. When Helen dies the kids will all come here and we have to make sure they have a nice Christmas. When my father died, I had an awful Christmas.

I’m going to miss Caroline and the boys on Christmas. I sure wish I was well enough to go on vacation with them. They are going to have a great time. I looked into the prices of cruises and they are really expensive. We’re talking (with dialysis) about $7500.00 and that’s just too much. I would rather go to a beach resort and have a room on the beach or jus

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Santo was here yesterday so my place is very clean now.
I have to admit that I did get a tight feeling in my stomach after Kevin from U of Penn Hospital called me. It made me a little nervous. Just the thought of a lung and kidney transplant and the recovery time. It even makes me nervous thinking about it now.
Last night I made myself a piece of Talapia. That gave me some good protein and I drank one of those Nepro drinks. I started to break my Clonidine in half and taking Diovan. I'll gradually replace Clonidine with Diovan. That's what Dr. Albanese suggested. He's my new renal doctor and seems very good so far. I've been lucky with doctors.
It's very early in the morning so I'm going to go back to sleep. It's a non dialysis day and that's a good thing. I need to talk with more people that have had transplants; lung and kidney.

I went shopping today at the grocery store. I needed a few things but it wasn't easy. I used a scooter in the store but I still got exhausted. I couldn't bring everything up from my car so I have to get things tomorrow. Fortunately it's cold out so it's like keeping things in the refriderator.

I talked with my sisters, Rosemarie and Janet, as well as my niece, Denise, and told them about the Lung Transplant. I'll have to have them come with me when I go for the evaluation. I still want to talk with more people that had lung Transplants.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Kevin from the University of Penn Hospital called me regarding the Lung/Kidney Transplant. He told me that he doesn't think there has been a lung/kidney transplant because of the difference in recovery. The kidney transplant requires you to drink a lot of water and a lung transplant requires you to not drink a lot of water. But they are interested in looking at the possibility. He asked me about my support at home and asked me if someone could bring me to the hospital on a moments notice. He told me that he might call me in a few weeks, so I will just wait. I don't know if this is something I even want. He said they do the most lung transplants of any hospital and the same with Kidney transplants.
Dialysis was fast today. I saw the doctor and he changed my blood pressure pills. I have to cut in half my Clonidine and take the Diovan. The Diovan is a better blood pressure pill to take.
I just talked to Enid when I called Caroline in New York City. I wanted to make sure I had Kathryn Ireland's name spelled right. Michael was going to see King Kong with Enid.
I talked with Joe, my brother, this morning. He called me on his way to San Diego. He just spent a week in Mexico on vacation. I asked him to send me a Christmas picture of his grandchildren and he didn't think that Pam and Joey took Christmas pictures.
I'm waiting for Mickey to come and bring me quarters so that Santo can do the laundry when he comes at 4:00pm.
There's a major transit strike in NYC so no one is going into the city.
I'm waiting for Caroline to send me all the names of the people that were at the party. I'll email her again.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I didn’t write anything on Monday because I was getting ready to go to New York City on Monday night. I put on my long underwear and I went to Caroline’s Christmas party and it was so much fun. When I woke up this morning it was like I had a dream.
I drove to Denise’s house and then hooked up with her, her two boys, Chris and Tyler and Chris’ girlfriend. We got into New York around 8:00pm and I surprised Caroline. She was very surprised she even cried. It was so much fun to see her, Michael and all the friends we have in common.
Denise and the kids dropped me off and then they went to see the Christmas tree and then they came back to get me. I only had to lay down once for a little while. And Then when I left I got a little sick but it’s was because I just needed a little more O2. I’m not sure why I got sick but it only lasted a few minutes. I hate when that happens because it makes others nervous. I know what's happening because I've been through it and I know if I'm going to be alright.
The worst part was I was having dry heaves right in front of a limo. I hope no one was inside looking out at me throwing up. They pay all that money for the limo and then have to watch that.
I also loved driving with Denise, Ty, Chris and Chris's girlfiend. I can't remember if her name was Vicky or Valerie.
I got home safe and I went right to bed. I’m feeling great today and I still can’t believe that I did that.
I left a small Christmas gift for Caroline and gave Michael a gift and left one with Mike for Nick.
I keep getting calls from the Brick Hearing Aide company and I keep hanging up on them, when will they get the message and stop bothering me. I hate those telemarketers. I signed something at my last telephone number and I didn't get any but down here I'm getting several. I have to stop them. I don't want to be rude but you have no choice. They are rude just calling at 8:00pm. That sucks because I go to bed early and I think it's something important so I get up and it's some financial person wanting to help me with my credit. I don't need help with my credit and "just leave me alone".
I stayed in all day although I wanted to go out. Mickey, my godson, came over and I sent him out to buy me eggs and juice (Pineapple). I backed brownies for me and Mick and then I cleaned the fish tank so Twizzler is happy. Now, I'm going to nebulize and just sit back and breath. Oh, yea! That's the life.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Re-gifting! I come from a family of regifters. My sister, Rosemarie, is one of the biggest regifters. She's so big that you might get back your gift in a week. I gave her a plant and she gave it away. She's a realtor and so she gets lots of gifts and she gives them all to others as she goes to Christmas parties. Denise is the next big regifter. She has a closet full of gifts she's never used and she's waiting to give to someone else. I admit that I have regifted but only when I know it's someone that will never know. My sister, Janet, regifts and oh, Caroline loves to regift. I almost forgot how much she loves it. I guess it's a good way to keep things going around. This is regifting but I gave my sister, Janet, one of those really nice lamps that are filled with shells. I really liked it. After a few years I went to her house and she threw it away. She said it was getting rusty. We are also a family that don't save things for sentimental value. My mother never saved things either. That's why I save everything. Everything to me has sentimental value. I have cards, drawings from the kids and things that most people would have thrown away.
Marybeth called me and they put together the train set I bought Mark for Christmas and they said he loves it. It blows smoke, goes backwards and he woke them up this morning to put it together. I love that. I'm happy I gave the kids a gift before Christmas because on Christmas day it's hard for them to appreciate anything, they get so much. They usually open gifts for about an hour and they don't have to time to play with anything. This way, they get one gift early and they can enjoy it. I got Robert a great remote control car and he seemed to really like that too. He took it around the house showing it to the adults. The little girls got mermaid dolls and they played with them and I also gave the little girls arts and crafts that showed them how to make greeting cards. This way they can send me cards. Jenna get a face painting kit and they used it that night and had a ball. I had a great night with the kids. I came home and slept like a baby.
I like the Christmas season.
I'm going to try to get to sleep before the President comes on and does his Sunday night speech that every channel and network air. I've had enough of him and I'm sure we're going to hear them analyze his speech for days. We'll get the democates version and the republicans version. And it will all be lies.
Sunday and I'm breathing easy. At the party yesterday they asked what we wanted in the new year and what they were going to give up for the new year. I was giving up drinking lots of fluids and all I wanted to do was wake up breathing on my own and making it through the day. I'm happy if all those things happen.
It's only 5:00am and I'm trying to find out where Caroline is today? Is she in NYC? California? I'll know by the end of the day.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's Saturday and I'm feeling great; Breathing and I have energy. Hey, I don't take anything for granted. I'm going to have a fun day.
I think I'll have pasta & eggs for breakfast, take my medications and then go back to bed for a little while. It's only 4:23am. I'm up with all the TV repeat shows on Fox and CNN. The rest of the stations have advertisements for everything from Extenze (for longer sex) to that Mr. Oreck pushing his vacuum (he will even pay the postage to return it, if you don't want it and you get to keep the iron). Oh spare me! Keep your vacuum and the iron too. With all those promises it must really suck.
I went to the kids Christmas party at Denise's house and we had a lot of fun. I gave the kids their presents. Janet and Rosemarie were there too. That's unusual because Rosemarie never shows up at these events. She's always working. The kids really loved their presents. It was fun to see their faces.
It was a great day for me too. I didn't get tired. I didn't get out of breath. I took it very easy. I think sleeping until noon was good because I just got up and showered and then went to the party. I was picked up so I didn't have to drive and that was a good thing.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Oh, why does Pineapple juice taste so good. It seems that the less I can drink the better the juice is. It's 4:30AM and I'm getting ready for dialysis. I feel very good; had my coffee, English muffin and medication. I didn't take my blood pressure medication because my blood pressure was 148/81 and I'll need it at least that high to take the fluid out of me. It's raining out. I hope everything goes smooth in dialysis today.
Dialysis was OK, I did leave a little heavier then I wanted to be. It's either the machine or the nurse but someone is screwing up. They could have taken three more pounds off me so that means I can drink less over the weekend. The more they take off the more I can drink over the weekend. So, now I have to watch what I drink and I wanted to drink more pineapple juice.
After dialysis I came home and took a short nap, then Mickey picked me up and took me to get a massage. That was great but if Mickey didn't take me I don't think I could have gone. I was exhausted. After that I stopped by KB Toys and picked up a few more gifts for the little girls. Then it was home to wrap all the gifts. Mickey helped me but I'm still tired now and looking forward to sleeping. Mickey is getting ready to go and be a Monk. He's going to Virginia to stay at a monastery and he's looking forward to it. I sure hope it all works out. I hope those Monks are ready for him.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Here I go into a new day. It's 4:00AM and I'm up and ready to go but where do you go or what do you do at 4:00AM. Well, I watched the promo trailer for King Kong and that's enough to wake you up. I can't wait for it to come to Netflix so they can mail it to me. I really can't go to movie theatres unless I bring an oxygen tank with constant flow. I also don't like crowds anymore.
Today I'm going to try to get over to KB Toys, even if I have to take my scooter. I would like to drive but then I have to walk around the store and that's not possible. I can only walk around for a few minutes, then I get very tired.
Lars, my friend from Denmark, emailed me about something called www.SKYPE.COM , this is a website that you join for free and then you can call all over the world for free. They have one here that they just started advertising on TV called , It's worth looking into.
I'm going to make myself some breakfast, feed the fish, turn on the TV and start my day. No dialysis today so that's a good thing. Life is good.
Everyday I see the people in New Orleans begging for money and every day I hear about how much money was raised by all different groups. Where is the money? They raised billions of dollars and I don't understand why they aren't spending the money. When will we find out who is stealing the New Orleans money? I know it will be soon.
I had a great day today. After showing in hot water for about thirty minutes, I got dressed very warm; hopped on my scooter and went out shopping. I wanted to get another something for the little girls but I couldn't really find anything that I thought they would like. I scootered into Shoprite and I bought myself a live lobster then had it steamed. I felt a little guilty about it but I wanted to treat myself. They steamed it and I took it home and had a feast. Afterwards I took a nap feeling great. Caroline called me just as I was finishing and I told her. Usually we have lobster together. It was good.
We're suppose to have rain tonight. I have dialysis in the morning and then a massage in the afternoon at 2:00PM. I have the massage set but if I don't feel good then I'll cancel but it takes a lot for me to cancel because the massage makes me feel so good.
I gotta wrap these presents for the kids that I have. I'm giving them their presents on Saturday.
The little old men and ladies are cute as I ride around in the scooter. They smile and wave.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today I had a series of things go wrong. First I had no hot water in the morning so I had to get washed up with cold water. That always starts the day off wrong. Then when I went to dialysis I arrived I was 118 lbs but when I left I was 121 lbs. That means they made a mistake and added three pounds on me instead of taking off a couple pounds. That sucks because it means that I can't drink much over the next two days. Usually I can have a few glasses of water but with all this weight I have to watch what I drink. Then when I was on my way home my arm started to bleed. I had to hold it for a little while at home. Good thing I've been doing this for awhile or I would have been very nervous about the bleeding but I'm able to stop it myself. I had a lot more energy this morning when I went to dialysis then I did when I left.
I would like to go out and do a little shopping today but I just don't have the energy. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to go out. I want to go to KB Toys and see if there's something else I like for the girls.
I have to lay down for a little while.
......I'm up now. I'm starting to get a little more energy now. This dialysis really takes a lot out of you and having a little extra fluid isn't really great for the COPD. I get tired and out of breath easily.
Santo was here today and he cleaned the place. He also went out shopping for me and picked me up some fish so I can cook it later on. I sent him out for Flounder and they didn't have any so he called me and I got Talapia. I'll cook it later on.
I gave Santa a leather jacket. He didn't have a jacket and it's freezing out. I had a couple of them and didn't need a few jackets. I hardly go out. He was very happy to get it. I have to find a scarf for him next. He's a good guy and I don't think he can spend much money on cloths. Santo is from El Salvador, the same as Lillian in Santa Monica. Lillian takes care of Caroline's Santa Monica house and she's so nice. I miss her.
They took Vince, my brother-in-law to another doctor today and it's the same old, same old. He's on a new diet and he's going to get back into shape. He's going to start eating right, bla, bla, bla. I've heard this so many times and I wish he could do it but he'll be cheating in two days, if he hasn't started cheating already.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I think I took too much blood pressure medication today or maybe I took too much celexia ( an anti-depressant). My blood pressure was very low most of the day and when I was sleeping it off I kept have very small hallucinations. If they weren't hallucinations then they were at least very odd dreams. I usually don't have odd dreams. Anyway, I'm feeling ok now and my blood pressure is going up. It's up to about 106/, it was down to 76/40, then it gradually went up to 88/ then to 99 and then back down again and now it's 106/ so that gets me into an area that I'm feeling good. It will go up but I'm not going to take my medication until it gets up to about 140/ at least.
My sister's brother-in-law sent me a picture of him laying on a bed with a fake ass sticking out of his underwear. It was very funny so I sent it around to everyone in the family. My sister Janet got it and she sent it to more family members. Wait until he gets together at the next family reunion. That will teach him to send a picture. My sister bought him the fake ass because he mooned us at a couple parties and we would rather have him do it with a fake ass then his ass.
I didn't even get out today and Mickey never showed up because his father had to go to the doctor's office. Maybe he'll come by later. He was supposed to bring me something to eat but I have something to eat if he doesn't show up. He was bringing me a steak.
The Governor of California nor The Supreme Court could save Tookie Williams from death. He was executed this morning at 12:01AM. The press did everything short of airing the execution and if they could they would. They have full descriptions of his last minutes.
Richard Pryors wife was on TV just a few hours after his death and she was showing the room he died in. Isn't that a little strange or is it just me? But then, Richard has had seven wives or I think he might have married the same woman a couple times. Anyway, it's kind of odd to be on one of the Entertainment shows just hours after his death. I'm sure she'll be on Larry King soon. Some people love press and they don't care how they get it.
It's cold today. I think it's about 18 degrees and my home is very warm. I keep the place at around 75 degrees. I like it warm. I keep my bedroom around 68 degrees, I like it a little cooler in there when I sleep. I like the Florida feeling, plus I have palm trees in my house so I have the full Florida feeling.
Today I have to do a little Christmas shopping. I think my nephew, Mickey, is going to come over and drive me around. I hope so. It's the driving that exhausts me. If it was warmer I could take my scooter across the street but at 18 degrees I would be frozen by the time I arrived at Marshalls.
Caroline is back in Los Angeles. Her Play, "Hamlet", ended and she got very good reviews. I'm sorry I didn't get to see it but it was too hard for me to with Oxygen. Traveling to New York City is exhausting but I have to figure out how I can do it. I miss going there.
I feel very good today. They started giving me epigen again (red blood cells) and that always makes me feel a little better by giving me energy. I'm also breathing very good. The only problem I seem to have is very high phosphorous and they prescribed a new medication that I chew after meals. I take it along with Renegel. It's like eating chauk. It cost about $350.00 for a month's supply.
The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with my brother-in-law, Vince. I don't understand that because there has to be something wrong. He falls a sleep while he's talking to you. He's always so tired that he can't stay up. He also has no energy. They have to keep looking because this just isn't normal. If I was him, I would stay in the hospital until they can find out what I had.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Now they are preparing for violence in Los Angeles because The Terminator has decided to terminate Tookie. He will be put to death tomorrow morning at 12:01AM. All the news stations are talking about this. It's the big thing and you know that if they could bring the cameras in and watch him die, they would. That will happen some day. There are journalists and others that are going to watch him die.
Bianca Jagger is fighting to keep him alive saying that he is being treated this way because he's black.
I had a pretty good dialysis but I've been a little light headed all day. I'm not sure if my blood pressure is low or what but I'm going to lay down for awhile. The only problem with that is I know I'll fall asleep and I'll be out for the entire night.
Santo was here today. I gave him $50.00 as a Christmas gift for all the things he does for me. He seemed very happy. My nephew, Mickey, was here today too. He helped Santo with the dishes and helped me a little. Then he went home. He's off tomorrow from work so he said he would help me wrap my gifts for the little girls. I'm going to be seeing the little kids on Saturday. I can't wait to see their faces when I give them their gifts.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I can't tell you how many shooting stars that I've seen. Always feeling that it was a gift from God. I remember driving through Arizona with my convertible down and I was able to see one shooting star after another as I drove. It was awesome. I've seen double and triple rainbows in Los Angeles. I couldn't believe that and it was while driving on the Santa Monica Freeway. I stopped to take a photo but by the time I did that the rainbows were gone. A memory that will last forever.
You never know what life has in store for you. I would have never guessed that I would be in the condition but I am. I can walk but I can't walk far and I get out of breath. The worse part is when I do get out of breath it gets pretty bad and before you know it I need a treatment and I can't work any further. I have to sit down and nebulize. If I don't then it can keep getting worse and I'll have to call 911. I have been there but I don't want to get back there so I do a nebulizer treatment and hope I can catch it. I have a scooter that I like to use. The scooter makes it possible for me to do several things and not get out of breath. Using the scooter I have never had to stop and do a treatment because I don't get out of breath.
Today I slept about 24 hours. I went to bed around 6:00AM the night before. I slept straight through to about 4:30AM. I got up, had a little breakfast then went down stairs and bought the Asbury Park Press. I came upstairs , took my medications and then I went back to sleep for a little while. But I slept until about 2:00PM. I just couldn't get up. I was supposed to go over my sisters for dinner but I wasn't feeling great so she sent food over to me via Mickey. A really delicious fish dinner and a black & white cookie (my favorite). Mickey hung out with me for a little while and we watch Olympics, football, luge and a few other sports. We had a good time and then he went home. I'm going to lay down because I have dialysis tomorrow morning at 6:00AM with my pickup being 5:30AM. I hope they come and get me. They didn't show on Friday and I had to drive to dialysis.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yesterday I called a government office and the person that was there to help me couldn't speak clear English. I had not idea what the guy was saying and he didn't understand me. Why do they give jobs of communication to people that can't speak English. I'm sure he helps people that speak Spanish but I don't speak Spanish and it's very unfair to me. I asked to speak to another person that could understand English but he couldn't even understand that. I hung up and I just can't call the office back again until Monday. I was very upset about it but it's almost laughable.

My brother-in-law Vince has to go to the hospital. He doesn't know what he has but he can't keep his eyes open and he can't breath. This doesn't stop him from eating all kinds of junk. He's going in the hospital on Monday and I hope they find out what's wrong with him.

I'm trying to find a cruise for Caroline and me to go on in about July. It will have to have dialysis and Oxygen. Maybe I'll have to bring my own oxygen with me. I can bring a full liquid tank, that would last a week.

I have to call the building management because whenever I hit the light switch I get a shock and now the switch is starting to spark. I think this could be very bad with my Oxygen. I have to tell them as soon as possible. It's Saturday and no one is here but I'll make sure I'm grounded and I use something rubber to turn the lights on and off. Maybe I should call the electric company, I'm nervous because of the sparks that came out of the switch. I saw them last night when I turned the lights on in the dark. I want to make sure I can't blow myself up or start a fire in my room where I keep the O2.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Now their debating "What is Torture"? They are trying to make it sound like we don't torture prisoners. What is torture? Watching Rachel Ray and her Thirty Minute Meals is torture. But seriously folks do we really need them to tell us what torture is. They know what torture is, it's just a game their playing like when Clinton was looking to see if he could define having sex. I don't understand why we are all even playing this game. How can it go on? Everyone knows that torture goes on.
My nephew Michael emailed me after reading my blog and he said he doesn't approve of death for anyone no matter what they did. I understand what he's talking about. I mentioned that I wasn't happy with the celebrities that wanted to save Tookie. It's up to the Governor if he's going to be saved. To be honest, I sure wouldn't like to make that decision. I think I would let him live but I still feel awful for the people that died and their families. I have lots of questions about this. I have to think about it more and I would have to understand more but it doesn't look good for Tookie.
I received an email from Dr. Strauss at the East Orange VA and he forwarded my records to UPenn (Lung Transplant Coordinator). So at least that's getting things started. I also talked with Dr. Kerr's office and asked them to send over the latest breathing tests and xray reports that they might have to be added to my stuff. I have to check with a couple other places that might have something for them to use in their evaluation. I'll wait to see what they have to say. I think I should have my heart doctor send them info too. I'm a little nervous about this thing. Just the thought of a lung and kidney transplant is a little overwhelming. But I'll just take it all one day at a time, like I do everything else.
I feel very good today. Breathing easy! They started giving me epigen again in dialysis. That's red blood cells and it always gives me a little more energy.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I just lost all my respect for Jamie Fox. He's trying to get that Tookie guy from being put to death and he asked California's Governor to not execute him on Jamie Fox's birthday. I think that's a low shot. Who cares if Tookie wrote a few books for kids. If Scott Peterson writes a few books should we give him any priviledges? What about Manson? Why doesn't Jamie Fox talk with the mother of the guy that was killed by Tookie? That would be a good start for all these celebrities that want to save a murderer. What if they had a relative that was killed by Tookie, do you think they would feel the same way? I just don't get it. It will be very interesting to hear what the Governor says.
Benny Hinn, the TV evangelist, doesn't just ask for a donation he asks for $1500.00 checks and I'm sure he gets it. When ever I use my remote and I go past this guy he's begging for money. It's as bad as the Crouches' on Praise the Lord. The more money they get the bigger her hair gets. The other day I swear she had a bird in her hair. It was bright pink with a bird in it. Sometimes I'm just amazed at their pleading for money. The "guests" also beg. They will start talking and before you know it, it all leads to trying to make the viewers feel guilty about not sending money. "If you don't plant a seed you ain't going to get into heaven". I think the hardest thing for me is: "how do they know?". If God's love is unconditional then there are no conditions. There is just love. I think that's hard for humans to understand because we put so many conditions on our relationships. With God there are none! Imagine none! None means "I love you". Like a mother & father's love for their new born child.
I think TV evangelists like Benny Hinn should have to open their books to the public. They are getting special tax deductions and we should be able to see if what they are saying they are doing, they are doing. Mr. Hinn draws a very large salary for himself and his family. There must be some kind of ethics that goes along with an evangelist. It will never happen because they got lawyers and they know they got a good thing. Hinn travels first class all over the world raising money. That's all he does. It's all about money.
I think Caroline is coming to have lunch with me today. She's either doing that or she's going to go shopping at Ikea. I know she wants to go to Ikea and I wish I can too but I just can't walk around Ikea and I can't make that drive. I want to buy something too.
I'm off from dialysis today and that's a good thing.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I got my new card from Medicare, it's called Wellcare and it seems to be part of Walgreens Health Initiative. It lists the pharmacies that you can buy your prescriptions and mine isn't on it. I have to go to a new place to get my medications. That's a bummer because ShopRite is right across the street. I'll have to check this out.
You ever watch TV News and just say to your self "How is this possible". That's how I feel about most of the things happening on the news, starting with New Orleans. How can we put so much money into a place and still have it be such a mess. How can millions of dollars, I mean billions of dollars go to help the place and then find out that millions are being spent on a museum that will highlight the work of the engineers that are the ones that were responsible for the broken levy. I don't get it.
Why do they let Saddam walk out of court or refuse to enter. Can't they put handcuffs on him and make him do what we want him to do. And what is that American attorney doing over there representing him. I just don't get it.
Some group of young kids collected five million dollars for New Orleans. Where did the money go. Bush and Clinton raised a hundred fifty millon dollars. Where did it go? Is someone going to be accountable for all this money or does it go into a deep hole that no one pays attention to. I hope someone looks into it soon and we find out what's going on. I'm sure we're going to find out that there is a big problem and someone is stealing the money.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I talked with the Lung Transplant office at the University of Pennsylvania and now it's up to Dr. Strauss at the East Orange VA Hospital to fax them over a copy of the last six months of my lung medical records. After they receive the fax then it will take them about two weeks to evaluate and set up an appointment to meet me. After I get evaluated by them for a Lung then I can set up the appointment for a Kidney transplant evaluation by the University of Penn also. That would be for the possibility of a double transplant.
Hey, I'm just approaching all this very slowly. It's not something that I think I even want, especially after Dr. Strauss told me all the statistics. But someone that got a transplant told me that they are very happy and they would do it again. They said you might have a 50% chance of dying within five years but you also have a 50% chance of living. But If I have more than a 50% chance of living now then why take the chance for a 50% chance. The only thing that interests me is to be free from the machines that keep me alive; Dialysis and Oxygen tanks. It sure would be nice to walk down the beach without an oxygen tank or to go on a trip and now worry about getting to a dialysis center to have my blood cleaned.
At least I made a move in the right direction. At this point all I want are answers.
If you're home Tuesday night (tomorrow), Sandy Martin guest stars on NIP/TUCK on the FX Channel at 10:00PM PST. As she says "You can see me get 'filleted". Vanessa Redgrave is also in the show. Sandy said she looks like a Hot Wing! She spent 4 days in makeup so they could duplicate her body. This should be interesting. FX Tuesday 10PM (check your local guide).
I told my friend Steve Wilcox about Sandy's show, not knowing that Sandy cast him in a George Romero film that Sandy was producing called "The Assassination". Steve said sandy was great in "Napoleon Dynamite" but everyone that saw the film knows that.
Steve is now reading Set This House On Fire by William Styron and he recommends it. ]
Caroline ends her run in Hamlet on Saturday, I think. I want to go but I don't think I'll be able to. It's so hard for me to go to New York. Plus I have to bring extra Oxygen because I can't watch a play with my pulse oxygen because it makes a small sound whenever I breath. I have to bring a tank that give me a constant flow of O2. That doesn't make any noise at all. Caroline wants to send a car for me but I have to make sure I'll be alright in the theatre.
I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. Calling University of Penn. As recommended by Dr. Strauss and then scheduling a catscan for the first week of February so the can watch that nodule on my left lung. I'm starting to get my energy back after them taking about eight pounds of fluid off me in dialysis.

Monday, December 05, 2005

We're expecting six inches of snow tonight. A storm is coming in or it's all part of the weather people trying to get us to watch them. I never know if their telling the truth. I don't know who's telling the truth anymore. Everyone seems to be exaggerating the truth. Today they took off about eight pounds so I was exhausted when I got off dialysis. I almost passed out right before it was over and they had to return my blood fast. As they return it then I start feeling better. It's so strange to almost pass out and then come back. It starts by just getting dizzy then it gets worse and worse. When this first started to happen to me years ago, I thought I was dying and I was so frightened. I remember the nurse just yelling at me to just relax, "everything will alright, relax, put your feet up and your head back". This hasn't happened in a long time. I haven't been getting cramps either and that's good. The amount of fluid I drink is important. I have to limit myself and then I feel better. When will I learn that. But when you can't drink water you really want a glass of ice cold spring water. I put a little squirt of lemon in my water. Sometimes I feel guilty because if I'm in a restaurant I ask for lemon and then I add a little sugar and I made myself free lemonade. I have to make my own lemonade. I bought lemonade the other day and there was sodium in it. Why? So I prefer to make it with fresh lemons.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A dusting of snow covers the ground. It looks beautiful and it's starting to look like Christmas. I love the snow, especially when I don't have to go out in it.
Carleen made me a door wreath so I'll hang that up today. I have to keep up with the Jones' and others around me all have Christmas wreaths on their door.
This morning on morning TV there were those two midget twins from the 70s selling something called "cash flow". I don't get it but the promo was to "take a small step towards success". Morning TV is something else with everyone trying to sell you one thing or another. They all are rich because of buying a program for $19.95. It's really amazing.
I have to watch my fluids today. I had a little too much to drink yesterday so I have to catch up today.
I keep getting an odd pain up my left leg. I don't know what it is. I've had it a few times now. I'll have to ask my doctor about it.
Tomorrow I will move forward to get an appointment with the doctor in the University of Penn. I checked them and they have done many more Lung Transplants then Columbia Presby. In New York City. I just want to consult with a Lung transplant doctor first.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sometimes I just feel like having some Yellow American Cheese. I know most people don't even think that's cheese but I like it melted on top of a toasted English Muffin. It was great. I'm also cooking chicken soup in my slow cooker. I'm very domestic today. I just got back from scootering across the street to the shopping center. It was very cold and I even had my long johns on and gloves. I have to get a hat that will cover my face so when I go over there in the really cold weather I won't freeze. I like taking the trip because it gives me good fresh air and it's easier then taking the car because with the car I have to get up and walk around. When I walk around the supermarket I get out of breath and sometimes I can't make it back home. I have to sit and rest and do an albuteral treatment. It can get even worse.
Oh, God. Eleven soldiers were just killed in Iraq. That hurts so much whenever I hear that. Most of the dead are young kids in their 20s. It seems so unfair. They try to make everything sound so positive with the voting and schools for kids and getting the Iraqi people to take care of themselves. I don't believe when they say they got another terrorists. I don't believe much of anything that comes out of the WhiteHouse. It's all such a sham. I would like to know why people in New Orleans are still living out of suit cases. We're doing more for others then we are for our own.
Oh, how about this. You can carry your sissors on the air planes now. That's nice. Just in case you want to do a little sewing or maybe cut your toe nails. The airlines are going to concentrate on finding bombs now and not little knives, sissors or combs that can be used to kill people. I thought they always were looking for bombs.
I have to take my beauty rest. It's what keeps my complexion so smooth and glowing.
Well, it's that time of the month again; bill paying. Starting with rent, the job is to pay as much as possible. I have medical bills that I could never pay off and I have this one bill in Florida that I pay $10.00 a month on because they were going to hurt my credit. It's a bill from a dialysis unit where the doctor charged me $10.00 a day even though I didn't see her. They said that I was there if she wanted to see me and that's what I was paying for. I never heard that before but I didn't have much choice then to pay it. It was only about $80.00 and Medicare and the VA took care of everything else but this doctor billed me months after all the bills were paid and the VA wouldn't pay it. So I was stuck with paying it. Lesson: find out if someone is going to bill you even if they don't see you. I'm used to the VA and we never get billed there so I don't realize how much things cost. I got a CatScan from Brick Hospital and I got the Medicare bill. It was about $900.00 for the cetacean. Something that took about three minutes. Then I got the bill for epogen, that's red blood cells that they give you on dialysis. That stuff is about $700 a month for three shots. That's a lot of money. I wonder why some of these things cost so much. It seems that's almost more expensive then the dialysis itself?

Friday, December 02, 2005

I talked with Woody tonight. Woody got a lung transplant about June of 2004. He said he knew of all the statistics and he feels it's the best thing he's done. He said he got his money's worth and he feels pretty good. He still uses O2 sometimes. He also said he talks with another person that got a transplant 17 years ago. That's remarkable that someone got a Lung 17 years ago. WOW. Tomorrow I will call the University of Penn. Medical Center. They are suppose to be the hospital that has performed the most Lung Transplants and since I need the Lung and Kidney I want to make sure I go to the right place. Dr. Strauss told me to just to to one. I'll call them on Monday.
It's becoming fun time at this apartment complex. We have a lot of seniors here and they are always doing things for them and I'm getting notices in the mail. Meetings about Medicare, Trips to the shopping mall, Pizza Night, Movie Night, Bingo, square dancing and this week the Brick HighSchool Chore will be here to sing for them and then the Girl Scouts are coming to sing Christmas songs. They do treat them nice and the seniors love it. I don't go to any of the events, I really don't feel like a senior yet and I have other things to do. Believe it or not.
You have to be careful buying stuff on line. I bought so much stuff this month and I finally got it all in the mail. Those "easy payments" could kill you. Don't be getting yourself making a hundred easy payments, just to buy all that junk.
I am suppose to be picked up at 5:30AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that I can be taken to dialysis but his morning they never showed up so I had to drive myself to dialysis. I can't be too late or I'll go into someone's dialysis time and it keeps me there longer.
After dialysis today I got a full body massage. It felt great. I need it after all the dialysis.
Today, I heard everything when I heard that they had a face transplant. I'm looking at a lung and kidney and here this woman got a new face. That is amazing. Can you imagine what will be available in a few years. I joked the other day and said when will they be able to just put my head on a new body and that's not far from what might be able to be done soon. I'm going to get one of those athletic bodies, around 19 years old. With my little old Italian head.
I'm off for the weekend now and looking forward to it.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I joined this "classmate" website and found my old childhood friend Bobby Boekel. I left a message for him and hope he'll give me a call. Bobby lived next to me on Center Street in Sea Bright. We spent all our summers in Sea Bright and I always couldn't wait to get there and to find Bobby. He lived with his grandmother. We always had the best time. I haven't seen him in over twenty years. I know he moved and I couldn't find him, then I saw his name on a list of kids that graduated Shore Regional High School. Bobby was very easy to make laugh. He had a very high laugh. His laugh made everyone else laugh. It will be fun to get together with him, if he lives in New Jersey.
Today I took my scooter and went all the way across the street to the shopping mall. It was easy and fun. I went into Shoprite and bought myself some Steelhead Trout and some frozen onion rings. Then I went over to Marshalls and did a little shopping. I bought myself a glass because I broke one and a sugar container. As I drive around the shopping center, little old ladies say hello to me. They are very sweet. I got some nice fresh air and I realized the next time I have to bring my gloves. It gets pretty cold driving out there. People look at you from their cars but I guess that's OK, I'm getting used to it. I put the Oxygen tank on the floor between my legs. I have to figure out a better place. I drove in the street for a little while and a cop passed me and didn't say anything. You really do get card blanche with these scooters. I was surprised how easy it was to get around Marshalls. Next I'll try a few other stores.
I sent out a few press releases for Caroline's play today. I also made an appointment for tomorrow to get a massage. I need one very bad.
It's almost 3PM and I'll go on the COPD chat room for a little while.