Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I can't tell you how good I feel this morning. I feel great. The epogen, Vitamin D (Sunshine vitamin) and Iron is helping me have energy. I have no more pain from my "you know what's" (hemorrhoids).
Say, if you've been going to the same Pulmonary doctor for years I suggest you switch doctors and get a new prospective. It could be the best thing for you. Your old doctor sees you once every two or three months and nothing is new. You need that new blood and you need to have someone switch around your medications or at least take a look at them. I can honestly say that I almost died a couple times and I think it's because I was using too many medications and the doctor should have known that. I also remember reading on the package of one medication that you shouldn't take this medication with Serevent and a few other medications and I was. I told my doctor and he said "don't worry about it'. Remember that your body knows best and if you're feeling good then tell them but if you're not feeling good say that too. I have improved so much since going to another doctor and having him look over my records and do some new tests. Also, the Transplant doctors are very good and they can help you with new tests and best of all, hope. My doctors at the VA said I couldn't get better; I would only get worse and I swear, I'm getting better and I'm going to continue getting better. I know it. Don't listen to negative doctors. As a matter of fact, get away from them.
It's only 2:30AM and it's going to be a great day. I'm going to go back to sleep for a little while. I would actually like to get up and go to IHOP for crepes again. I loved those things. I don't know; maybe.
My sister, Rosemarie, brought me over a nice chicken sandwich and a dinner of pork loin. It was all very good. I'm so lucky to have her close by me. Others should be so lucky to have sisters. They are the best when you get older. Sisters are always there for you. Especially mine. Even though Janet is in Bonita Springs, Florida for the winter she still calls me a few times a week and is always there. Today was a good day!
I got a massage and I’m feeling very good. It sure feels good to get a massage at least once every two weeks. I would like to get it once a week.
Larry called me and he’s working on Bill’s memorial. He’s also dealing with a lot of the things for Bill’s estate. I hope there isn’t a problem. You know things can get when there’s money involved.
Caroline will read a statement at the memorial and I know Bill would have loved that.
Dinner I had Talapia. I fried it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

It must be national hemorrhoid month because my hemorrhoids are killing me. I have every kind of hemorrhoid cream you can get. I got preparation H and then I have the preparation H wipes and I have Tucks too. I also have Baby Wipes. You name it and I have it. I'm trying to find something that is cool and relieves the pain. I put hot towels on my butt and that doesn't seem to work. How can we get rid of these hemorrhoids? We can send a man to the moon but we can get rid of a hemorrhoid? What's that all about. I would rather save a few flights to the moon and solve this problem. What else can I do. I wanted to see what they looked like so I tried looking at them with a little mirrow. I locked my front door because I didn't want anyone to walk in on me. I think I saw them but they were scary and I had to stop looking. They looked like volcanoes ready to explode. I took a shower and just ran hot water on my butt. That seemed to work for a little while. Now I'm back to taking a few Tylenol and see if that will help. Oh, please go away.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another nice day! It's not spring like but it's nice. It's about 50+ degrees. I started the day when Denise came and took me to IHOP for breakfast. We had a great time and I had crepes. They were like Swedish pancakes. I loved them. After that we tried to go to COSCO but they weren't opened yet and then we tried Staples but there weren't opened yet so we went to the one store that is always open; Wal Mart. We got everything we wanted there and at the usual good prices.
I'm feeling very good. I was a little light headed and I have to look into that. It felt like low blood pressure and I would like to know why I'm getting it.
I saw Ice Skating on TV and that made me think of my friend Bill Turner. I'm sure I will think about him every time I see ice skating.
You know, I've been thinking. If I only had a chance to talk with him. COPD is the kind of disease that can really get you in the beginning because you feel like you're dying. You have to take control of the disease and fight to stay alive. You can't let the disease get you or you will be dying. I know this sounds odd but I think it's true. Be positive and have faith in God that you will get better and you will get better. I was told that I would be in the hospital at least once a month and that I would only get worse. Well, that's not happening and I'm very thankful for that. Eat good healthy food, high in protein. Eat fresh fruits and drink real juice that is 100% juice. Not this 10% juice and 90% water. Fresh fruit is the best for you, a banana, an apple with out the peel or a pear without the peel. You can eat the peels if you like them I guess but I just want the fruit and I think the peel is hard to digest so I don't eat it. I know it has protein but I get my protein in other places and I don't like to eat things that are hard to digest.
I've been drinking tea. Not all the time but about 1/2 the time. I also like a hot chocolate once in a while but mostly I like water with lemon it in. Sometimes I pot sugar in it so it becomes a nice fresh lemonade. I drink a protein drink once in a while that the renal clinic gives me. It makes up for the vegetables that I don't eat. I always have to have a treat of some kind. I bake myself cakes once in awhile. When you live alone it's hard to cook all the time but you have to force yourself to make yourself something good. I love fish. I like flounder, red snapper, trout, salmon and monk fish. All of them are easy to make. You just have to bake, fry or broil.
And always take a nap. That's what I'm going to do now.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's Saturday, January 28th! Almost time to pay all my bills again. I'm feeling very good today and I think I have Advair to thank for that. I’m breathing easy and I’m walking around and not getting out of breath. It really is surprising and I’m going to enjoy it as long as it goes on.
If I had children I would be very concerned with the amount of missing kids. They have an entire network to just reporting them and there are so many. We hear about the choice few but there are hundreds. It seems that every day kids are taken. Where are they all going. When will the find them? Is there some kind of kidnapping going on. Some kind of sex trade happening where they send the kids outside the country. I sure hope they find out soon because it’s just scary to think aboudidn'tI didn’t hear from the Lung Transplant people this week. I was hoping that I would hear from them by Friday so that I can get back into their office for tests. I’ll call them on Monday.
I have to check with my appointments coming up and make sure I don’t miss them. I’m going to get a Cat Scan and then I’m going to see Dr. Kerr (Pulmonary).
I still think of Bill often. I called him weekly and talked with him. This is the perfect day for calling Bill. I would have called him and he would be getting excited that Olympicser olympics is coming up and his favorite skaters would soon be on TV again. Bill loved skating and knew when they were all on. Give Bill a triple Sow Cow any day and he'll take it over just about anything. One of the last things we talked about was how he now gets prescription marijuana. He actually goes and picks it out from a guy. I don't know why he was taking it. Pain in the legs I think. Oh well, life goes on for us earthlings. I'm sure he's happy and he's probably already pitching "The Snow Queen" to God. After all he's got a good cast up there.I feel so good today that I have to give myself a special treat. I know that Caroline is getting ready to have a party in Santa Monica. My sister, Janet, is on the beach in Bonita Springs, Florida. My other sister is out doing what she loves doing and that’s selling houses. Denise told me that she went to a sushi restaurant last night and had the best meal. Sherry took the girls to the park because it’s like spring. And me! I went to the Fishing co-op and I picked myself up a very big and very fresh Lobster tail. I came home and broiled it. I had it with union rings and my usual apple sauce. It was so delicious it made me feel guilty that I was doing it. Like I shouldn’t be, that’s when you’re know it’s good. I ate it and then took a nap. What could be better. Now the paper, the New York Times, has started to arrive. It comes in two sections. Saturday and Sunday sections.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh boy, I don’t know what is worse; COPD or hemorrhoids? These hemorrhoids are killing me. I just took a hot shower and let the hot water fall on my poor little butt.
The other day I accidentally put Preparation H on my toothbrush and almost brushed my teeth with it. That was a close one. My teeth would have shrunk.
It’s Friday and I’m off for the weekend and feeling very good. I just don’t know why my Pulmonary doctor didn’t prescribe Advair for me. Why did my Renal doctor have to do it. The Advair has been very good and I’m breathing the best I have in weeks. I sure hope it continues. I heard today that Advair is a steroid.
All the things are falling together for Bill Turner’s memorial. I hope everyone attends and they all have a good time. It’s sad but Bill would want everyone to have a good time. He lived a good life.
My new health aide was here today. She’s very nice and very good. She has a little girl that is about two years old.
Judge Judy is on. Rosemarie called me today, Janet called me today and so did Denise, Sherry and Caroline. I had to call my car insurance company to send me a copy of my insurance card and then I’ll have to go to the DMV to get a copy of my auto registration

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Eric Estrada is on TV selling what appears to be swamp land in Florida. It’s funny the things that former TV stars will do to make money. Eric will do just about anything.
Bill Turner’s memorial will be on February 26th at the Zephyr Theatre. I’m sure they will pack the house. It shouldn’t be a sad funeral because Bill lived a full and very fun life. He had lots of friends. I think the saddest part of Bill’s death is that his mother is still living and Bill was her only son. She must be around 90.
I don’t have dialysis today and I’m feeling very good. I started using that Advair and it seems to be working. I haven’t had to use the albuterol/ ipratropium nebulizer that much since I started using advair.
Today I have to pick up my prescription from the ShopRite. They called me yesterday and asked me the name of the doctor that prescribed the medication but I didn’t know so I have to call the office today and find out his name. He was a new doctor for me replacing Dr. Albanese.
I want to go to the store and buy myself some pancake mix. I feel like having pancakes this morning with sausage (brown and serve).
Twizzler is looking good. I cleaned his bowl and he’s swimming around in clean water and happy as can be.
Mickey emailed me and he’s having a good time at the Abbey. They made him paint his own room. I’m sure that’s a first for him. If he was home, his father would have hired someone else to paint his room or his father would do it for him. His old Monk cousin is helping him.
I just showered and used my SpinSpa. I’m no cleaner than I would be if I didn’t use it. If I just washed myself like a normal person.
They just showed a photo of Michael Jackson in Africa or some country and he’s dressed in full drag and he’s walking with his kids that have veils on. He is so odd and what makes him think he wouldn’t be noticed any place in the world.
It’s cold out. I just back from picking up some chicken soup with dumplings from my sister, Rosemarie. Then I went over to ShopRite to get some fruit and some apple juice. I called the dialysis center to find out the name of the doctor that gave me the prescription the other day. His name is Thomas Tomasco, MD. I called ShopRite and let them know.
I just ate a baloney sandwich. I don’t know why. I didn’t eat the entire sandwich but I had a strong urge for a Baloney sandwich. I ask them for the best baloney, I guess that’s a little odd> The best of the worst.
My hemrroides are killing me. What are they and where do they come from. Why can’t you do anything to get rid of them? I need to get one of those pillows with a whole in it. Or I have to lay down on my stomach. Needless to say, I’ve been spending lots of time laying on my stomach.
It seems like all we do is worry about Iraq. We are building schools and helping people get work in Iraq but we are completely ignoring New Orleans. We are spending billions of dollars in Iraq and where is the money going that is going into New Orleans. I sure don’t get it. We should do as much for New Orleans as we do for Iraq and other places that we are helping.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I haven't been able to write in my blog for a couple days. I'm still depressed and sad from my good friend Bill's death. I emailed friends and let them know and now I'm waiting to hear back from Larry to find out what is happening. I know they will have a memorial in Hollywood and I'll see if I can get a couple of my friends to go there. I have the sad task of deleting his name and number from my cell phone.
I've been helping a friend, Scott Rocha, set up his company in Sacramento. His cards look like he's running a cock fight business. Especially in that part of California. I guess that sounds a little racist but it's not. It's just that there are so many Mexicans there and I know how much they love a good cock fight. They used to invite me all the time but I would never go. It sounds awful to me. I have lots of Mexican friends and there are two things they do that I don't like. One of them is the cock fights and the other is that Sunday morning soup that they like. It's like a soup with some kind of guts in it. It's just the worst. They eat it with a beer, in the morning. It's a tradition of some kind. I tried it but couldn't eat it.
I heard from my Lung Transplant nurse today and I asked him to please make it move faster so that I can get in there and get approved. I want a new lung so that I can do things again. I'm tired of just sitting around all the time. I want to walk on the beach. I want to be able to breath deep breaths. Then I'll go for a kidney. It's going to be a whole new life.
I love my new health aide. She's very nice and very good. I have her for two hours a day for three days a week. She helps with laundry, cleaning, etc.
I'm cooking myself some chicken so I have to go and check the over. I just preheated it to 400 degrees and now I"m putting the chicken in. I just threw some salt on it with some pepper and Paprika, for about 30 minutes and we'll see how it does.
I took a prescription for Advair over to the pharmacy this morning so I'll pick it up tomorrow. I have some here. It seems to be working too. I just started it because one of the doctors told me that Advair will help me live longer but Albuterol will not. I'll just use Albuterol when I need it.
Rachel Ray..mania. Get ready for Rachel Ray Mania all over the TV. I'm already sick of her and she's not even on yet. She's going to be everywhere. For some reason, The Foodnetwork thinks it's cool to show back to back to back Rachel Ray segments. I mean, what can be more boring their watching her be perky for hours on end. Don't they have anything better then that. I know TV is desperate but "Rachel's Place" is looking like it's going to be one big ego trip with perky little Rachel babbling her way through guests and least we forget her 30 minute meals. Hey, if you can't cook yourself a meal in 30 minutes then you have a problem. Now if it was 30 seconds then I'd say that might be good. I'm sure people will love her and with Oprah pushing her show, she's sure to be a hit and that means Rachel Ray cook books under all the seats at Oprah's show.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

He made the best Chicken and Dumplings. He taught me how to make a great milk shake with malted mix. He also turned me on to using evaporated milk with my coffee. I'm talking about my good friend Bill Turner. I've been depressed today thinking of him. I feel so bad that he's no longer around to call. He always had candy on his kitchen table and lots of memorabilia from Hawaii and the island of Maui, that he loved. He loved his big screen TV and TiVo. He recorded everything. I don't know if he ever watched them. He was very lucky to have George Perez and his brothers looking after him towards the end and his best friend Larry was always there for him. Bill loved his friendship with Pam Dawber, a friendship that goes back to the Mork & Mindy days. He was friends at one time with Robin Williams, Chris Reeve, Shelley Duval and many others. When I met him he was living in Ron Howard's' old house in the Valley. A house that Shelley Duval eventually bought and filled with birds. Bill was very creative. We had a joke that I would visit him until I heard he say something good that could be turned into a series and then I left, stealing his idea. That was the joke because so many people in Hollywood steal your ideas and he claimed that Shelley Duvall did that with "Fairytail Theatre" for Disney. Bill was Shelly's "assistant" and they wrote that together and then Shelley took it to Disney without Bill and cut him out when they picked it up. Bill had some good stories. He lived a good life and he lived the good life. He lived a real Hollywood life. One minute your up and the next your down, then you're back up again. He had a great sense of humor about it all. He had another good friend, Donovan Scott (Scotty) and he loved getting together with him.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I didn't really sleep last night. I just wasn't tired. In the morning, around 2:00AM I fell asleep for a couple hours but then I was up at 4:00AM; my usual time.
I got a new Spin Spa from the company and this one works. It really works and I like it.
I feel very good today. I'm breathing and I actually feel like I'm getting better. I know I'm not supposed to be because my disease is chronic but I do. I remember when I told my doctor at the VA that I thought I was getting better and he said "no, you're not". He also said that I would be going into the hospital at least once a month and I would progressively get worst. That hasn't happened either. I've gradually learned how to live with COPD and not let the disease take over my life. It's bad enough I have End Stage Renal Disease.
I just went to the store but I forgot to buy water. I went to the store for water for the fish and I forgot it. I bought everything but water. I'll have to go back later. I'm afraid to put the fish in tap water because his instructions said to put him in stream water.
It's rest time for Bonzo (that's me).
I can't wait to take another shower with my Spin Spa.
I just got the word that my good friend Bill Turner died of COPD. He went into the hospital a few days ago and was hooked up to oxygen. It all happened very fast with him. I tried calling him and I tried emailing him so I can tell him how to deal with it and not to panic. In the beginning of COPD it's very easy to panic thinking that you're dying. The perched breathing is what can save you but I wasn't able to tell him because he was too tired to come to the phone. When I called yesterday and his mother told me he was under sedation I knew something was wrong because you're not supposed to go under any sedation with COPD. The sedation will make it hard for you to know you're having an attack. I feel very bad. I knew Bill for many years. He moved back to Downey from Maui to be close to him mother. She was getting very old and he wanted to help her. He was planning on moving back to Maui after his mother passed away but she outlived him. Jesse, his mother, is about 90 and very active.
Bill's half brother told me that Bill's body will be cremated and his ashes will be scattered over Maui. Bill loved Maui. After his mother died Bill would have inherited an apartment complex. He was planning to sell it all and then move. Bill was a very positive person. He loved smoking up to the day he died. He smoked cigarettes and cigars. I wasn't able to visit him on my last trip to Los Angeles because his house smelled so bad of smoke and it had dog hairs all over it. Bill was also a heavy marijuana user. He had a prescription for it to help him with his arthritis. He was a good man and I'll miss talking with him and laughing with him.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Mica, the scheduling person, from the U. Of Penn Hospital called me to schedule the tests for the Lung Transplant but she scheduled them for Monday, February 27th. I asked her to change that but she said she couldn't. I hung up but after thinking about it I knew it wouldn't be a good day for me. I usually have dialysis on Monday and I would have had it on Friday and by Monday I would be full of fluid and moving slow. I had to call her back and just tell her that I can't come in on a Monday, it's just too difficult for me on a Monday. Tuesday or Thursday would be best or if I have to schedule on a dialysis day then make it on a Wednesday or a Friday. At least I can work around those days. She said she would but it was going to be hard. Sorry, I have no choice.
Today in dialysis I got very light headed and they had to give me back fluid. I left at about 117 lb. That's OK with me. I made it home just in time for a treatment and then a nap.
A new Spin Spa arrived. I haven't opened it yet.
Time to start paying next month's bills.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's Thursday and it's about 4:00AM, I got up at 3:00AM. I can't believe that I slept for so many hours, about 10. WOW. I feel pretty good but I had to do a treatment as soon as I got up. I could feel it in my chest and I was taking short breaths. Now, after the treatment I'm breathing easy again. I think it's best to use both Albuterol and Ipratropium. It really is great the way that works. I still can't get up and do anything without getting out of breath but I can at least sit here and breath.
I just noticed an apple with a few bits out of it on my floor. Jenna must have left it there. I remember her eating an apple and proudly showing that she took a few bits.
I haven't heard from U. Of Penn yet about when I was going back for my tests. I have to keep on them. I don't want this to go on too long. I want to get on that Lung list, if it's going to happen.
Today I have to get a new battery for my car and maybe a set of new tires. Matt is suppose to do that for me. I hope so.
I had Santo pick me up some fish last night but it wasn't very good looking and had a smell to it so I couldn't eat it last night. I'll take it back today. This is the second time I got fish that wasn't fresh from that place. I have to find another store to buy my fish. There's nothing worst then fish that smell.
I have to make myself something for breakfast...or take another nap.
I returned that awful fish to ShopRite. They gave me back my money. You could smell the fish everyplace I walked with it.
Matt Rega got me a new battery for my car and put it in for me.
I went over to where the fishing boats come in and picked up some fresh flounder at the Co-op. The boat just came in this morning. It was so good. I baked it with just a little butter and a splash of lemon over the top. I also had a twice baked potato and apple sauce. It was a great late lunch. Of course I had about 4 Renagels to make sure the phosphorous was taken care of.
I'm feeling good today and I wish I knew why? I'm walking around, slow but I'm walking. I keep doing a treatment every 4 to 5 hours. I think that's important. That's the way they do it in the hospital. As soon as I feel the heaviness in my chest I have to do it.
I'm getting a new health care person on Monday that will work Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30 to 2:30PM. That will be good. I'm looking forward to her. I hope she does massage.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I can't stop sleeping. I wasn't that tired when I came home today from dialysis but I layed down at 11:30 and fell asleep until about 2:00PM, then I got up for a little while to work with Santo and then I feel asleep again. It wasn't just a little nap, it was a deep sleep that took me a while to wake up from.
I wanted to have trout for dinner and I sent Santo to the store to pick something up for me but when I opened the fish it had a smell to it and I wouldn't eat it. I'll bring it back. That sucked.
I heard today that a few friends of mine died. Friends when I lived in Sea Bright. I was very sad to hear that. They were Campbell Axelrod and Keith Betz. Also Timmy Lake died and I knew him. He hung out with us until he became a police officer. I don't know what they died from but imagine that the Campbell and Keith died of drugs. That seemed to be a problem with the kids that stayed in Sea Bright.
I'm going to go lay down a little more. Tomorrow, I'll be fine and I'll have energy. That seems to be the way it goes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I don't know how Richard Dawson was able to kiss all those people on the game show "Family Freud". I sure couldn't do that and if I was a contestant I wouldn't let him kiss me. I remember when I was young and in Catholic school, the Pieta came to town. That's the statue that has Mary, the mother of God, holding Jesus in her arms. Well, we all lined up to kiss the foot of the statue. I couldn't do it. Just thinking about how everyone was kissing the statue made me sick and I faked it. I guess you might say I'm a little neurotic but I think I'm just cautious. I don't let the priest put the host in my mouth at Holly Communion. I take it with my fingers and put it in my own mouth. I don't want his fingers in my mouth after they've been in every mouth in the parish. And I don't go to New Year's Eve parties. You guessed it. I don't like to be kissed by strangers. I don't know who does.
It's Tuesday and I don't have dialysis today. I had a dream last night that the doctor came into the office and asked me a bunch of questions to see if I might have a rare kind of disease. He was wearing something over his face as he asked me so that he wouldn't catch it. Then he realized that I didn't have the disease and he took the mask off his face.
I'm going to clean the fish bowl today. I can see him looking at me and he wants it cleaned. My little niece was here the other day and instead of calling Twizzler by his name Twizzler she called him Licorice and of course you know, Twizzler is a brand of Licorice. So, I guess Licorice is Twizzler's new nick name. He's really looking at me now, he knows I'm writing about him. What a fish.
I had a pretty good night's sleep. I had to get up at 1:00AM and give myself a treatment of Albuterol. Then I felt better, I could breath, and I went back to sleep.
I'm going to call U. Of Penn today and see about my upcoming appointments. They never gave me dates. Then I have to buy myself a book that is a calendar. I have so much filing to do. What can I eat today that would be good and different.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Today is the birthdate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And one of the news programs asked if today's African American leaders are standing up to him?
If you look at the leaders that are on TV I sure think that that the African American community has a big problem. They have the Rev. Jesse Jackson that will go to the opening of an evelope. He's every where and his press is not always positive. Then there's Louis (Farakan) and he hates Jews and Whites but yet was nominated by BET as a man of the year. The TV star, Bill Cosby talks the truth but blacks don't like when he does and they are always complaining about him. Then there's Harry Belafonti , he's hates Bush and is very anti-American. It seems that no one really appreciates America. Al Sharpton is there.
Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans has become somewhat of a black spokesperson and he just said that New Orleans was meant to be "a chocolate city". I hope they vote him out.
There's so many crazy things happening all over the country. Look at the teens in Florida that beat and killed a homeless man. They may have killed a couple. These kids were 18 and 17 and I'm sure with good attorneys will get off.
The Golden Globe Awards are on with the usual endless thank yous. So boring.
But nothing is worst than Suzanne Somers pushing her rags on TV. I love when they get a call in and they talk with these people like they care. There are so many people in the country that buy all this junk. Suzanne is always saying that she wore the outfit last night and everyone complimented her. She really knows how to sell this stuff.
I wonder if they will ever find Olivia-Newton John's boy friend (Patrick McDermott). I bet Matt Latanzzi is happy it wasn't him. I new Matt, Olivia's first husband. I remember when he was an extra on the set of Skatetown USA. He was a nice kid.
QVC is now selling scooters for $1596.00 and course they offer 4 easy payments.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

There's snow on the ground this morning. Winter has finally arrived. The wind was blowing all night. I loved it. It was great sleeping weather, as if I need a reason to sleep.
The one thing that keeps going over in my mind is when the doctor calculated that I have three to five years to live. It seems so odd and I have a hard time believing it but it does keep going over and over in my head. I guess this is a calculation at the rate of that my disease is moving and with 21% capacity now. Although, the last time I heard about my capacity it was 16%. It's all a little nerve racking.
What would you do if you were told you only had three years to live. Well, I'm going to live every day like it's my last? I don't really want to do that. But I will get the most out of each day. It sure brings you closer to God and I mean that literally. In a way, it's kind of nice because you know this and then anything after three years is a gift. But I want that lung now more than anything. The doctor also said that lung transplants are different then kidney or any other organ because the way you get it is by need. The one that needs the lung more than the other gets it. The average is about a three year wait. That sounds just about right for me.
It's only about 5:00AM. I had a great night's sleep and I just took a couple Kaiser rolls out of the freezer so I can make myself an egg sandwich or just a roll and butter. I feel very good this morning. Just sitting here, I almost feel normal. I'm breathing easy. I already did a treatment of albuterol and ipratropium Bromide at 3:30AM. I have to do that around every 6 to 7 hours.
Mickey will wake up in his new bed down in Virginia today. I sure hope everything goes great for him and his new life. I'm sure it's not going to be easy for him. I hope he took his word that I gave him for Christmas, "inspire".
It's funny but my niece was with me in the doctor's office and when I talked with her about what the doctor said we both seemed to hear different things. I heard him say I could have three to five years to live. She said that he said that I could have three to five years to live after the lung transplant. That was an average of how long the transplants were living after they get their lung. Some were living longer and some less. This was the average. But she the doctor also said there's no way of knowing how long you have to live. After all they expected me to be in a wheelchair and be much worst then I was just by my medical report. Who knows. I'm here, I'm happy and I'm breathing. I'm getting ready to go shopping for some food with Eric. He's picking me up at 10AM.
Vince, my brother-in-law called me and he already sold Mickey's car so I'm out of luck there. He also told me that he was very depressed that Mickey left and depressed because he can't go out and shovel the snow. I don't know why, I always hated shoveling snow.
Gotta run, Eric just called and he's almost here.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I was so tired last night that I couldn't go over to see Mickey, my nephew/ godson, before he leaves to become a monk. He's off to Virginia today and he'll be there for six months. I'll be able to keep in touch with him via a new email address. I did call him. They had a six foot sandwich and everyone else was there. I felt bad that I couldn't attend. I sure hope he understands how difficult it is for me when I'm tired from dialysis and COPD.
It's Saturday. It's raining. My car didn't start yesterday so I have to call AAA to get a jump. Mickey is leaving his car and maybe I can buy it from him. I could use a new car.
I talked with Denise and the word about Sherry having a baby is out now. Everyone knows. So I don't have to keep the secret any more.
I want to make my way over to the supermarket so I can buy myself a piece of fresh fish. I took out some chicken breast to cook tonight. I have to gain some weight. I'm down to 116 LB and that's too skinny. I want to gain about 10 pounds. I'll need the weight if I'm going to get a Lung Transplant. I have to have some weight to loose when I'm in the hospital. At least I'm not 114 anymore.
I just talked with Mickey again this morning and told him how much I was going to miss him. He's the only one that visited me all the time.
Today the news made news out of bad reporting. They first said that a bomb killed the number 2 man to Bin Laden, then they said that was not right, then they reported that they report about killing the number 2 man was wrong. They did this for a full day. Between that, the next most important thing is how fat people are getting and then the Alido confirmation (in that order). Mrs. Alido started to cry and and ran out of the courtroom, "Oh please, give us a break". Does that have to be the big story? "The democrats made Mrs. Alido cry." Everything is so political and so calculated.
I changed the water in the fish bowl. He's happy. He loves a clean bowl.
I'm so sick of the Oreck guy pushing those damn vacuums with the free $150.00 iron. He seems to be on every station. If he's not selling the vacuum, then he's selling his air purifier.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Today I heard from my childhood best friend Bobby Boeckel. I found him through one of those websites that list all your schools. Bobby lived in Sea Bright and I lived in Jersey City but we had a summer home in Sea Bright. Every summer we would go to Sea Bright and that's where I looked forward to seeing Bobby. Bobby lived with his grandmother right next to us. I first met him when I was about six years old. We always had the best time in Sea Bright. Bobby always made me laugh. He had a contagious laugh. It's so much fun getting back in touch with him to find out that he has a beautiful family and he's living a good life.
Today I had dialysis for the second day in a row and I'm exhausted. I was supposed to go over and see Mickey because he's going to be a monk tomorrow but I just didn't have the energy. Santo is here cleaning my house and doing the laundry. He was complaining because he had to use three machines and three dryers.
I talked with Dr. Yudd at the VA today. He's ordering me some medications.
I have to rest a while. I'm very tired today.
But.... I've been thinking about what the Lung doctor said about predisone and he might be able to use it to help me breath. I'm looking forward to when he returns and I can get the results from all my blood tests. Gotta rest.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm feeling very good today. I went to dialysis at 6:00AM but I wasn't supposed to be there until 10:00AM so I had to go home and now I'm going back again.
Yesterday was a big day and I was very tired by the end of it. I have to think alot what happened and I'm looking forward to going back the hospital in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This morning I'm off to meet the transplant doctors. Denise will pick me up at 7:00AM and we'll be down there for a 9:00AM appointment. I'm excited to hear what they have to say. I have great energy today and I'm very thankful for that. They will be able to see me feeling good. I should be in dialysis today. It's nice to not have dialysis but I'll have it tomorrow morning (Thursday) and also on Friday.
I'll write more when I return......
I started my meetings at U of Penn Medical Center with Nurse James Mendez. He told me about the programs for Lung and Kidney Transplants and what I should expect. He answered lots of questions and was very helpful and very nice. After talking with him for a while then Dr. Vivek N. Ahya from the Lung Transplant program came in. He gave me an examination and said that he wanted to do some blood tests and he wanted to make sure I had COPD and not something else. He asked me lots of questions and said that although they have never performed a Lung and Kidney transplant they would consider it but it's not very likely. He arranged for me to have blood tests and they took about 12 vial's of blood from me. He was off to South Africa for a two week vacation and he would see me when he returned. He's also making arrangements for me to have a bunch of other tests while he's away.
After him then Dr. Roy Bloom came in. He's from the Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program and he gave me a check up and asked me lots of questions. He said he can't make a decision yet about me getting a Kidney and they have to find out about the Lung Transplant first. Right now he wouldn't approve a Kidney transplant because he doesn't know enough about me.
Gail Eastman, RN gave me her card. She's the transplant coordinator and I can check with her to find out what is happening.
I was at the hospital from 9AM until about 2PM and I was exhausted when it was over. I had to take a wheelchair around because it all involved a lot of walking.
Denise was with me for all the meetings and that was good. She asked lots of questions and helped me out a lot.
I also met a couple people that had lung transplants and they were doing great. They both said how much their lives have improved. One of them also had a kidney transplant but not at the same time as the lung transplant. She's doing great too.
One of the things the doctors talk about is the fact that they aren't always successful with the transplants. They have to talk about the survival rate which is about 50% after five years.
One thing that Dr. Ahya told me was that he didn't expect me to look so good. From my tests and with just 21% capacity in my lungs I should look at lot worst than I do. Some people with higher numbers than me look worse than I do. They can't walk because they are so out of breath. He said that with my capacity being 21% and with the normal rate of loss I could expect to live three to five years. Actually between us, I expect to live a lot longer than that. We'll see. I have to rest now. I need to rest and think about all this. I can tell you that the next time I go there I'm bringing my scooter. It's a big hospital and I can't walk from place to place and I'm not waiting for the medical transportation person to come with a wheel chair. That's a pain.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Shake it!, shake it like a Polaroid picture...", ever wake up singing a line from a song and you don't know why. Well, I woke up this morning singing that one.
I feel pretty good this morning. Compared to what I've been feeling like this is great. I have some energy and I can only go up from here. This is good because I wanted to be my best for tomorrow's meeting with the Lung and Kidney doctors.
Dr. Albanese mentioned that I could also meet with the doctors in Cleveland, Ohio but I think that's too far. I can't be going back and forth. I couldn't afford that and I would meet with Columbia Presby in New York City first before Cleveland. But let's see what they say in Pennsylvania. At least I know if they call me there I can be there in two hours.
It's Tuesday. I don't have to do anything today but eat a good meal and relax. I would like to go to the post office. I have some Kings Kids Cards that I would like to mail to Canada.
I have to send the little girls something in the mail. They love mail. I would also like to send something to the Kievet boys in Franklin, Tenn. Douglas sent me a nice email the other day. I love the kids at that age. Doug is around 10. They love toys and they are excited about getting them. Once the boys ( at least our boys) reach 12 or 13 and older they don't care much about anything that doesn't cost in the hundreds of dollars. I can't really get them anything because they get so much. They never thank you and you never know if they actually like what you gave them. The one thing about Michael is that he always sends me a thank you note. I love that about him. Doug is the same way. Matt Rega got a Mercedes for his birthday. What else could anyone give him. I hope these kids take their education as serious as they take their cars.
I gotta clean Twizzler's bowl within the next day or so. It's getting hard to see him. I already bought the water for him. He has to have spring water. Once a week I give him new spring water, it's like he lives in a mountain stream. He's one lucky Beta fish. .....He's looking at me. He knows I'm talking about him. I'm happy he's in a bowl, he scares me sometimes.
I don't know where hemorrhoids come from but I know where they are. When God created hemorrhoids he gave good meaning to "pain in the ass" because there's nothing worse than a pain in the ass and that's what they are. I don't know why but I made it through life without getting them until now. Why me! And how do you get them? My doctor said to use preparation H, She said she uses it. When she said that I thought, Oh God, she has hemorrhoids too. I remember how embarrassing it was when I found out. I thought I had a cyst on my ass and I asked the doctor. This was another doctor. She looked and said it was a hemorrhoid. I remember saying, "I thought they were inside you, this one is on the side of my cheek?" and she said it was "An external hemorrhoid". I would have to have a rare hemorrhoid I couldn't just have a plain old hemorrhoid. Oh, well enough of that. I'll buy a pillow with a whole in it. But I'll never understand how we can send a man to the moon but we can't cure the common hemorrhoid? I mean, if we spent a billion dollars on the cure of a hemorrhoid, I'm sure we wouldn't have hemorrhoids any more.
I had a nice big breakfast. My nutritionist would be proud of me. Two 4 min 15 sec soft boiled eggs on toast with coffee and a little (3 oz) of orange juice just to wash down my medications. Then I went back to sleep for an hour.
It's going to be about 50 degrees out today. That's good.
Today is one of my best days. It's 12:30PM and I already went to the post office and then went shopping. I picked myself up a nice piece of Atlantic Salmon and now I'm going to have a good healthy lunch. I'm looking forward to it and then I'll take a nap. I used my scooter to get around. It's beautiful out. About 50 degrees. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I can't wait to meet the transplant doctors. I wonder what they're going to say?

Monday, January 09, 2006

My kidney doctor, Dr. Albanese, was very upset that they pulled me down to 114 lb. Today I'm at 116 and I feel much better. When I arrived at dialysis I was 121 pounds. So they took five pounds off me. Imagine 5 pounds of potatoes. That's how much fluid they take from me. That's a lot of weight and it takes time for the body to get used to the new weight. That's why I get exhausted. I will not have dialysis on Wednesday because I'm going to U. Of Penn Hospital. The hospital never sent over the fax for me to get a driver to the hospital and I never received a letter from the hospital telling me where to go. I sure hope their doctors are better than their support staff. Isn't t his how that girl that got the lung transplant got the wrong blood type. They didn't pay attention. Anyway, I don't need them to drive me because Denise is going to drive.
It's about 50 out today. That's great. I hate the very cold weather. Wearing long underwear, gloves, heavy socks, sweat shirts. I really hate a runny nose and cold hands. It's worse with oxygen on.
No water today in my apartment. They left a flyer on the door at 9:45AM that we wouldn't have water from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.
I just told a telemarketer to take me off his call list and he said "I will be more than happy to". I hope he does. I hate stopping everything I'm doing to answer the phone and then find out it's not even a friend.
I'm going to lay down for a little while and get some energy back. I just ate a chicken sandwich and some Chips Ahoy cookies with pineapple juice. Love that pineapple juice.The dialysis office social worker called me about getting meals on wheels so that I can make sure I have a meal each night. Sometimes, I just don’t have the energy to prepare a meal or I can’t get out to buy something. That might be a good idea but I really don’t like the idea of it. I think others should be using it and not me.
I also got a call from the Medical Transport office. They are making arrangements for me to go to U. Of Penn Hospital on Wednesday but they wanted me to call my doctor and have him fax over a referral letter. I told them I just couldn’t do any more. I am so tired of dealing with this office. It’s so stressful just trying to get transportation. Their fax wasn’t working, then the fax was working and they changed the number. I just couldn’t get on the phone and make another call about this. So I’ll just make my own arrangements to get to the hospital this time and they can plan it all for the next time. I’m not good at rushing things right now.
I have to find something to eat tonight. I wish I could just order a pizza but I can’t eat that much cheese. Too bad.
My phosphorous has gone down from 9 to 5. That’s pretty good. I’m popping my binders after every meal.
I have to call my friend Bill Turner. He’s in the hospital in Downey, California with breathing problems. I hope he’s fine and doesn’t get too nervous when breathing is difficult. I’ll call him today. Oh boy, I wish my SpinSpa really worked

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I just got up and in a little while I'll give myself a treatment. I feel a little heavy in the chest but generally I feel OK this morning.
It's Sunday. I have to go to marshals today and see if I can buy myself a suit case.
I went to bed last night early. TV really sucks. The programs are TV are just awful. There seems to be so many commercials now. It's like there are more commercials then actually programming. There are so many News Programs. They all say the exact same thing. I hate when the anchor plays dumb and asks stupid questions. Like asking a mother that lost her husband in the mine; "What did you feel when they told you that your husband was alive? And what was it like when they told you that wasn't true?". I mean, what kind of question is that? If not only to get ratings. That's what the news programs are about. All the reporters are trying to win awards not report the news. I think Geraldo is the worst of all of them. They should give him an award; "The Mic UP YOU ASS AWARD" that's what he deserves. I never watch TV on dialysis and I wish I didn't watch it when I was home.
Twizzler is looking for something to eat. That is one smart fish. I know that sounds crazy but the fish actually looks out at me when he's hungry. I'll feed him and make his day. It's fun to watch him smile. He thanks me by waving his fins.
Can't wait to use my SpinSpa. "It's like having a spa in your home".
SpinSpa sucks. It has a head for just about everything and they all almost fall off. They wiggle and stop in the middle of giving you that Spa feeling. It sure isn't worth $19.95, it's not worth $9.95. If it worked the way they show it working on TV, then it would be great to have. But it doesn't.
I just got back from Marshals and picking up some medication at Shop Rite. I forced myself to get up and take a shower. Yes, I tried the Spin Spa again and the only spinning it did was across the room when I got pissed at it. It was great getting out. The weather was brisk and sunny. It actually felt good. I made it all the way over to the store. I couldn't find a suit case because they were so expensive. They were like $90.00 and I didn't want to spend that. I decided to use the one I got for Christmas. I'll make it work. I did by myself a set of 4 silverware and a red waste paper basket. So between that and my medication; it was a great success. I went home; stopped by my car and picked up the suite case that I'll be using and then I went home and cooked myself flounder. I noticed that the oven was still on from when my sister made me salmon yesterday. That's why is was so warm in here. At least I didn't have to preheat the oven. My flounder was done in no time. I just up a couple slices of butter on the bottom and a couple slices of butter on top, a little salt and a couple splashes of lemon juice over the flounder. It came out delicious in about 15-20 minutes. I had it with broccoli florets, apple sauce, pineapple juice and my phosphorous binders. After that I turned off the TV and put on AOL Music (classic) and layed down for a little while. Busy day for me.
My sister Janet is in Florida. I talked with her while she was sitting by the pool. I tried calling Denise but no answer. Rosemarie has the guys over her house watchin football on their new big screen flat TV, Mickey is working at the aquarium, Sherry is at church with the girls, Caroline doesn't answer her phone..She must be in church in Califonria. Nick is back in Sweden. I'm going to go on the COPD Chat room and see what's new with others that have COPD.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My sister, Rosemarie, said "Let me ask you a question?". Well, I thought she was going to ask me something important or personal. She wanted to know "if she got me some fish could I freeze half of it? ". I told her I don't want to freeze fish because I don't like eating it after it's frozen. We live in a fishing community and there is always something fresh in the fish store. After all, the fishing boats come in not far from me. The last time she picked me up some flounder she got me so much and then when I opened the package it was rotten. I had to bring it back but she got me $12.00 worth of flounder. I mean, I couldn't eat that much in a month.
I didn't sleep that well last night. Then I got up in the morning and I made my self two soft boiled eggs (4 minutes and 15 second) on Rye toast with Tea and a little pineapple juice. That was good.
I'm going to try to eat today. I'm still very tired. My sister wants me to get Meals on Wheels so I always have something here to eat. She also wants to see if I can get Santos to come three days a week instead of just two.
I want to find the telephone number to call that will give me meals.
I need to buy a new suite case. ........ I just got up from another nap. It's around 6:30PM. Nicholas Lagerfelt just called me on his way to the airport. He's going back to Sweden and back to the Swedish Army. He'll be back again in February. Rosemarie came by and she cooked me a nice piece of Salmon with Broccoli and I also had some New England clam chowder, it was delicious. She also brought me Flounder and soft shell crabs. I couldn’t eat it all. I told her to just buy me one thing but then Vince went shopping, her husband, and he has to buy everything in the store he sees. He’s always buying more than we need or more than anyone can eat. I do like when he goes to a bakery though. He comes home with everything good.
My fish is sleeping (I hope). Nick just told me not to get too close to him because they don’t live long. I hope he lives for ever. He’s my new friend.
I used my spin spa again today. It worked a little better but it’s still stupid and I don’t believe that I bought it. There are a few other things I like that I see on TV. It’s fun buying things on TV because then it’s like getting surprises in the mail. You kind of forget you have them coming. That also happens with eBay. You buy, forget and then they come in the mail and you’re SURPRISED. It’s like Christmas.
Tomorrow is Sunday and I have to go buy a suitcase. I’m going to do everything I can to get out and do that.
Scott Rocha moved to Sacramento and is starting a business there. I’m helping him a little. It’s all the same. No matter where you start a business. Scott is a very talented editor and graphic designer. I’m sure I can help him and get him working,

Friday, January 06, 2006

I went to dialysis today feeling OK but when I left I could hardly walk. I dropped from about 120 LB to 114 LB. The first time I can remember being so low. 114 LB is so thin. I had to be helped out to the taxi that was waiting for me. Plus the zipper on my suit case broke so I had to have someone carry it. I have to get a new one today or over the weekend. When I got home I went right to bed and then gradually I made it up to the get some pineapple juice and then I ate some chicken, blueberries, cherries and a banana. I'm starting to get energy back but I'm still pretty exhausted. I don't know why they took so much fluid from me but I guess if it came off then I had it in me. If I didn't have it then I would cramp and I would know they were taking off too much. At least I have a lot of room to drink and eat over the weekend. I want to get some fish tonight.
I used my SpinSpa and it's very stupid. It really doesn't lather up like it does in the commercial. Oh well; I guess that wasn't such a good buy.
I'm going to go lay down for a while with hopes of getting my strength back soon.
Oh, I had to rearrange all the transportation to go to U. Penn Hospital. They (the hospital) didn't fax the letter to the "transportation office" but then the office said their fax hasn't been working. You have to remember that the office for the transportation is a government office so that's why the fax doesn't work. I'm sure no one is responsible for repairing the fax so it will never get repaired. So I had to call them all and try to make this happen. All while I'm so tired. It was very hard. I'm going to rest now.
Oh, by the way; Did you hear? 4 soldiers were killed in Iraq. It all seems like the media underplay the deaths while they play up the Miners that got killed. They keep playing the same story about how "the families rejoiced" and then they heard the bad news. It's just awful how they keep doing that and then a scroll under the picture says "2 more soldiers are dead".
They are saying that there are more deaths and bombings in Iraq but everything is going great and we're going to be able to leave soon. Who are they supposed to be kidding? I don't get it.
Tomorrow morning I'm going to make myself two poached eggs on rye toast with tea. I'm starving. Goodnight.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I have a little cold today but I'm feeling better than yesterday. I didn't really sleep last night and that isn't usual for me.
I just received a "Spin Spa". I ordered it from TV. It's a shower massage and it spins and cleans you. After putting the batteries in, it sure didn't spin very fast. I don't know if my batteries aren't working. Today I'll buy new batteries and then if it still doesn't spin I'll send it back. It sounded good on TV and for $19.95, I thought it wasn't bad. It sure sounds like fun and easy.
I have to double check my transportation for January 11th to Penn Hospital.
This morning I only had Oatmeal for breakfast. Maybe later on I'll have something else. I'm hungry but I don't really have the energy to cook anything. That seems to be one of the hardest things to do. I have to think about some people that don't have the family around like I do. When I was in California I was very sick and no one was around to help me. I didn't eat for days. It's easy to do that. After a few days of not eating you don't feel like eating. I have to force myself to eat sometimes, even if I scramble an egg and eat that for the protein. I'm lucky because I can call my sister Rosemarie or I can call Denise and someone will help me. Some people don't have anyone to help them.
I just took all my medications so I'll be getting sleepy again soon and maybe I'll be able to take another nap. I don't have anything to do today so that's a good thing. I can just relax.
Whenever someone comes over my house they put things away for me but then I can't find them. I had a folder with stuff on my lung transplant hospital and now I can't find that folder at all. I actually get out of breath trying to look for it, especially when I knew I had it right on my TV table. Things look disorganized to others but it's not disorganized to me. I know where everything is. Things as simple as my glasses on my night stand. I know where they are if I need them at night without the lights on. If they are moved then I can't find them when I need them. It's very frustrating. I have to continue looking because it has the telephone numbers that I need.
I called Spin Spa and they are sending me a new Spin Spa. Mine's not working properly.
Mickey is out shopping for me. I'm getting some Mahi Mahi and some things I like to eat. I want to eat something so I don't loose more weight. I haven't really had too much to eat the last few days. I'm just not very hungry. I thought if I made something I really liked then I'll eat it. He's also picking up some basic stuff too.
I just took a shower and now I'm going to lay down for a while. Again. I do this a lot.
I did call the Medical Transportation and they gave me a new fax number so I had to call Penn Hospital and have them refax everything to the new number. This is more work than I want to do.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I had a little fever today and I left dialysis weighing 117 lb. I was exhausted, they had to send me out in a wheelchair. I'm feeling better now. I came home and rested and then had some water. I'm waiting for Denise to come over and cook me some chicken legs and maybe bake me a cake. I bought all the stuff yesterday. Santo will be here today to clean the house and Mickey said he would drop over for a little while.
That Coal Mine Tragedy is just awful. The news is running it into the ground. They keep repeating the worst part and showing the people rejoicing and then very sad. I wish they would stop showing that.
I made arrangements today for transportation to take me to U. Of Penn Hospital. I talked with Sheldon at the Transplant office and he faxed over a request. Denise will come with me on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to what they have to say.
I have to lay down for a little while and get some energy back.
Nicholas Lagerfelt was supposed to visit me tomorrow but I don't think I can do it. He'll be coming back in February. I tell you the Swedish Army is very easy. He sure gets lots of breaks and seems like he's having fun; throwing hand grenades and shooting guns.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Michael and Caroline traveled from New York to Los Angeles. When Michael got off the plane he took the wrong luggage home. Caroline was furious but now she's fine. Nick is in New York and I'm looking forward to him visiting me at the end of the week. He'll be going back to Sweden to play soldier. I sure hope Caroline gets a series soon.
Yesterday I was very sick. I had to call 911 and they checked my blood pressure and my lungs. I could have gone to emergency but I stayed home. At the emergency room they would just give me a nebulizer so I stayed home and took tylenol and rested. Eric, my nephew, came over to help me. He brought me some tylenol and made me scrambled eggs and toast. I only ate a small amount but it was enough to keep me going. Today I went to the doctors office and he said I had "a bug" and that I'm going to be fine. He didn't think I should take any new medications because I'm taking enough. He also checked the bump on my head and said it was a cyst and that it's nothing to worry about. If it gets bigger we'll take it off. I'm home now and Mickey, my other nephew / godson, is over now and he's helping me. He took me to the doctor and we ate lunch together. Between singing and giving me insight into the teachings of the Bible, he's very helpful. I'm going to miss him when he goes to Monk School on January 15th. He's suppose to be there for six months straight with out seeing any of us. Denise said she might visit me tomorrow. She's going to bring me a few Green Products that I could use and it might help me breath. I'm resting.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's 2006. I made it! It's going to be a great year. A year of miracles. It's going to be the year that I get a new lung and new kidney. I can't wait. I'm ready for it.
Last night I took the Kievet boys to KB Toys and let them pick out anything they wanted. I was surprised when Justin picked out something that was $4.95. so I let him pick out something else telling him it's because he's such a good boy. I didn't' buy them birthday presents or a Christmas present so I let them all pick out two gifts. It wasn't bad and only cost me $80.00. I was prepared to pay about $120.00. They were very happy and I loved watching them run around the store looking for what they wanted. I gave them only 15 minutes. It was fun to watch.
My sister, Rosemarie, went to Shop Rite for me. I asked her to get me a piece of fish so that I can cook it for dinner. She bought me $12.00 worth of Red Snapper Filets. When I opened the bag It had an odd smell so I couldn't cook it. Fish isn't suppose to smell. I'm going to bring it back today. She also got me some scallops and I cooked them. They were good. I did soak them this time. The last time I had them I didn't soak them and they had sand in them. This time I cleaned by running cold water over them and I got all the sand out.
Today I hope to go over Rosemarie's house around 1:00pm for about an hour.
I have a little head cold today. Just stuffy. I've been starting to cough a little too much. I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's because of my lungs or something else.
I have to clean the fish bowl today.
Happy New Year to anyone reading this. I wish you all the best of luck in 2006, good health and a good relationship with God. I hope you all find the meaning of life.
Be a good bee and always tell your family and close friends how much they mean to you. You never know when it's your last day here or theirs.