Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On Monday, June 5th I have to get picked up at 5:30AM and taken to U. Of Penn Hospital for my meeting with Dr. Albert. Today's appointment with my cardiology doctor was great. He said my procedure was a big success. He also did a test on my heart when I was there and said everything is perfect. He wants to see me in three months. I was very happy about that. He was happy to find out what the problem was because they couldn't figure it all. I went shopping today and now I'm going to rest.
If I don't write in the blog it doesn't mean I'm dead it just means I'm too tired.
I just got the appointment for Dr. Albert in Rheumatology. To be honest, I don’t even know what a Rheumatologist does but I guess I’ll find out.
It’s Tuesday and it’s the day after Memorial day. I have an appointment today with Dr. Ahmad the heart doctor that is responsible for cleaning up my breathing problem and prescribing that heart treatment. Today I will find out more about that treatment.
I’ve been feeling very good. I’m breathing easy. I’m walking slow but I’m walking.
This week I’m going to try to get a portable concentrator so that I feel more comfortable when I’m away from home. If I’m away from home and I just have my small 02 tank then I never know when I’m going to run out and that makes me nervous. I would rather have another back up tank.
I have to get the biopsy for my kidney that was done in West LA. I

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I confirmed my upcoming appointments today and arranged transportation. I'll be seeing Dr. Ahmad, one of my heart doctors on Tuesday, May 30th. Then I'll be going to see Dr. Kerr, my pulmonary doctor. I'll see Dr. Ahya again on June 13 at the University of Penn. On June 20th I'll be seeing a dermatologist. Between all that I go to dialysis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm waiting for a few other appointments. Today I had a great day having lunch with my niece, Sherry, and my sister, Janet. Shopping... And a good long nap. I'm feeling great. I used my scooter to go back and forth to my car. I get out of breath if I walk too fast and I get a little restless when I'm in the restaurant too long.
Dr. Yudd, my Renal doctor at the East Orange VA Hospital called me and he's sending me a copy of the biopsy report of my kidney. He was very surprised to hear about the Microscopic PAN and said he didn't see anything like that when he did the biopsy. Anyway, I'll get the report and pass it on to Dr. Brown at U. Of Penn Hospital. Today is another good day. I'm feeling very good and very thankful for that. I just heard that my nephew Craig is having trouble after an operation and sure hope he doesn't have to do dialysis. He has three boys and that sure would change his life. Sherry, My niece, and Janet, my sister, are coming to visit me today with the little girls. We're going to have lunch and it's going to be so much fun with them. I love being out with the kids.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I've been feeling very good. I'm breathing easy and I'm very happy with that. I got an email from my lung transplant dr's office and they said that Dr. Albert the Rheumoatology doctor that I have to see next wasn't seeing any new patients but Dr. Ahya called and talked with him personally and he's agreed to see me. I'm waiting for the appointment to come in. I'm also waiting for the kidney transplant doctor to call me. They are requesting biopsies that were done by the VA about a year ago. I put them in the right direction so they can get them. If you get any procedures, x-rays or biopsies, you should keep track of them. You never know when you're going to need to look at them again. I can't wait to get a kidney so I will stop going to dialysis. Dialysis every other day is enough to drive you crazy. You know it's funny but with all this stuff that I've been through, I'm very happy that it all took me here , back in New Jersey close to my family. Sure I miss a few people out in California but I"m sure that will all come together in the future. Being able to watch my nieces and nephews grow up is priceless, not to mention having two of the best sisters a guy can have. I'm very lucky. Very blessed.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

it's May 20, and I haven't been here for over a month. I was so sick and now I'm getting stronger and stronger. I couldn't even walk. I went to Dr. Ahya's office and he had some interesting things to tell me after the tests. Dr. Ahya is a brilliant lung transplant doctor. He thinks I have Microscopic PAN; a rare disease that effects the immune system and it is possible that they could have treated the Microscopic PAN and I wouldn't have had kidney loss or severe Lung disease. This is all amazing to me. Considering that my kidney problems started when I was in the Navy and they told me I had kidney stones. I have a lot of research to do about all this. I also had a proceedure done by Dr. Goldman that was a heart catherization. That procedure made me breath better. I'm feeling very good today and I'm taking everything slow. If I do things slow then I can get by but I have to do things very slow.