Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's Saturday and it's going to be about 100 degrees outside so I'm staying in with the air-conditioning up to the max. In California over 100 people died due to heat related illnesses and I sure don't want to get outside and not be able to breath. Yesterday I got very hot in the van that picked me up from dialysis. The van didn't have proper airconditioning and I'm calling the company today and letting them know. I had all I could do to get in my apartment and in bed. I was thankful that I left the air on so the place was very cool.
Sharon, my niece, wants to come with me to the Chemo appointment but I don't want her too. She had three boys and just finished being a care taker for her mother-in-law.
I feel very good this morning. I took all my medications and did a nebulizer treatment.


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